10 Latest Developments In Apna Ghar

Apna Ghar is a recent addition to the Delhi market that provides affordable housing for those who cannot afford it. With a variety of options and payment plans available, Apna Ghar has something for everyone! The company specializes in making your home dreams come true with its wide range of products and services. From financing options to flooring, they have it all! In this blog post, we will be looking at the 10 latest developments from Apna Ghar.

1. RERA to affect homebuyers in a positive way

Apna Ghar has been the party to witness the impact of RERA on the real estate market for quite some time now, and things seem to be going positive. With the implementation of RERA, many buyers’ complaints were getting resolved which means that people can trust builders more than ever before. This will have a positive impact on the home-buying market which currently is encumbered with plenty of loopholes for builders to exploit buyers.

2. Aditya Birla Group to take Apna Ghar Affordable Housing Project to next level

Apna Ghar has recently partnered with the Aditya Birla Group for its affordable housing project. Their projects are among the largest private-sector initiatives in the country to provide shelter-related services and amenities to low-income groups living across 300 cities.

3. Greater Noida becomes the most preferred destination for homebuyers

Over the years, the prices of homes have increased manifold, so people are now looking at places where they can actually get a property at an affordable price. Greater Noida is one such destination that has caught the fancy of homebuyers with its reasonable property prices and good connectivity to other parts of the city.

4. Apna Ghar Surpasses One Lakh Sales Milestone in Affordable Housing Projects

With more than 1000 completed homes, Apna Ghar has managed to sell more than one lakh homes. This is a wonderful achievement that shows how much the company cares about its buyers and their needs.

5. Delhi Metro Extends Green Corridor to Mewla Maharajpur, Lucknow

Lucknow now boasts of having a metro service that runs from Amausi airport to the city of Lucknow. This will prove to be a great development for people who wish to travel easily between the two cities without having to worry about traffic conditions or other related issues.

6. Apna Ghar plans two affordable housing projects in Delhi NCR

The company is planning to launch two more affordable housing projects for homebuyers in Delhi NCR. While one of these projects is in Greater Noida, the other is in Gurgaon.

7. Apna Ghar has been accredited for its success in affordable housing

Apna Ghar was recently awarded an ‘A’ rating on its financials from ICRA Limited, a leading research and rating agency of India. This is a great achievement by the company as this accreditation has been given after scrutinizing its financials.

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8. Amausi Airport Metro to benefit people in Lucknow and Greater Noida region

Amausi metro station that is located near Lucknow airport will now allow passengers from the city to travel directly into Greater Noida by metro. This will be a great boon for the people of Greater Noida who do not have to worry about traffic jams or overcrowded trains anymore as they can just board the metro and travel directly into Lucknow.

9. Apna Ghar Delivers Affordable Homes in Tikri Khurd, Delhi

The company has launched an affordable housing project at Tikri Khurd in Delhi. The project is called ‘Vivaan’ and is a gated community made up of 14 blocks with a total of 1035 flats on sale.

10. Apna Ghar Celebrates 20 Years Of Service To Affordable Housing

The company has completed twenty years of service to the Indian housing sector and it is rightly accredited for its contributions in helping people get affordable homes.

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Apna Ghar?

Apna Ghar is the leading housing society that provides houses for economically backward people at affordable prices. It also receives donations from various donors who help them to maintain and run this society.

The CEO Of Apna Ghar Mr. Devesh Chandra was selected as Entrepreneur of the year by Economic Times Awards 2015-16 in the Social Enterprise category.

How Can You Support Apna Ghar?

You can help by providing your input and feedback regarding the housing society so that they can look into the issues you might be facing with regard to their services. You can also donate to them if you have a few extra bucks lying around.