5 Ways to Become More Creative

There are so many benefits in being creative along with the joy that it can bring to yourself. When being creative it can help to reduce stress, improve mood, boost brain function and many other things. Even if you do not plan to share what you create or the ideas you come up with, it still can benefit you and bring a sense of pride to yourself. 

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Doodle or Paint

Allowing yourself to just let your mind wander with a drawing utensil can be very freeing as there is no pressure for things to be perfect or that you have to share it with another person. Such as when we were young children we would just draw and paint as we pleased with no rhyme or reason. This can help to open your mind when there is no expectations.

Physical Movement

Moving your body is beneficial in many ways but one of those is that it helps us to become more creative. The reason behind this is that it draws us out of our typical way of thought and increases the blood flow in our body. Also increasing the amount of oxygen our brain is getting and all of these things can help with thinking more clearly along with provoking more thought.

Be Bored

Most times in today’s world, anytime we have a free moment we usually pick up our phones to scroll or turn on the TV in order to entertain ourselves. This obviously isn’t the best for many reasons but obviously keeps us from having a lot of time to think because we are occupied by something on a screen. Not very often we sit alone with our thoughts but if we did we would have a lot more original or creative ideas. Being bored forces us to think deeper instead of surface level.

Use Resources

There are so many different platforms that you can hop on to get more information or research on a topic. You can follow people on social media that promote creativity, we can watch TED talks or even listen to a podcast while you clean. Just find one that is accessible to you and use it to your advantage. 

Generate More Ideas

When you are brainstorming for ideas, think of more than you think you could possibly need. When you think you have a enough challenge yourself to continue to think about it and go outside the box in order to come up with a few more. It has been found that the more ideas you come up with the better chances you have of coming up with one really good idea that could really change things for you. 

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Ready to Boost your Creativity?

There are so many ways to boost your creativity beyond what has been given above but it just takes a little bit of time and effort on your part to do so. It’s kind of like being a kid again, doodling without purpose, being bored, moving your body often, using the help of others and making sure that you are always generating more ideas than you could need. Creativity is something that the more time and effort you put into it the easier it gets and produces more.