All About Weft Hair Extension

In the course of your hair extension exploration endeavours, you may have heard of the term “weft hair extension” at some point though you might have only obtained an appointment for the same recently. Then how do you choose the most suitable Weft hair extensions for yourself before you visit the salon for a hair extension? 

Weft hair extensions have grown leaps and bounds in terms of popularity. As such, weft bunches arrive in unique styles, colours, textures and designs. So, this guide will walk you through the information you will need to buy the most suitable Hair extension for yourself. 

What Exactly Is Weft?

Speaking about what a weft is, fundamentally, a hair weft is an amalgamation of hair strands woven into an ultra-thin piece of fabric. As such, variety in weft is born when the way the hair is woven to the material varies, as there are machine-woven wefts and hand-knit wefts. Each comes with its plus points, and nevertheless, depending on your hair type, either of them will suit you more than the other. 

For instance, hand-knit wefts are incredibly delicate, and though they cannot be trimmed, they are very light in weight. On the other hand, while you can cut machine-woven wefts, they are heavier and thick in size. 

The Right Weft Hair Extensions 

Thinner Hair

If you have thinner hair than usual, then hand-knit wefts hold good for you since they are light in weight and will not clutch your hair. 

People with thicker hair, for instance, are better suited for taping methods. With the need for stitching eliminated, these wefts hardly tug your hair. Whereas with thinner hair types, this method is hardly practical and seldom bears fruit.

Medium to Thicker Hair

People with medium or thicker hair are known to be best suited for Hair extensions. They have flexible choices between hand-knit and machine-woven wefts. And the styler can braid a part of your hair and then stitch the weft into the space by hand.

Using Silicone beads is said to be another effective method to enjoin hair extensions. Your hairdresser can help you with determining how much hair you will need depending upon the thickness

Machine Attachment for Wefts Hair Extensions

Wefts woven by machine are usually sewed with a strap, and there is room for extra layers of hair extensions since the straps can be incorporated into each other. Wefts, in this case, are woven with two straps generally, but more straps can also be used. 


People with standard and slightly thick hair strands are best suited for this. And in case you have thinner hair, a single strap is advised. Meanwhile, braids sewed with thread and Silicone beads are usually utilised in the process of attaching the strands. 

The Machine-stitching ensures that you do not need any glue or adhesive to hold the strands together. Nonetheless, a professional service can always be called upon, as and when required.

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Does It Hurt when you get a Weft Done?

The kind of weft bundles you get will answer this question. 

Tape-In: These hair extensions are one of the safest and will not cause any pain unless installed unscrupulously. 

Clip-In: These hair extensions are found to be low on the comfort end since they resemble a headpiece as they sit over the ears. But then these two hair extensions are the simplest among others as they require no use of heat for attachment or removal. 

Wefts are one of the top-notch ways to put on good looks and compliment your hair length without having to spend a fortune. So consult your styler now!