All That You Need To Know About the Different Types of Custom Car Stickers

Custom car stickers can widely be categorized under two heads – a) decals used for advertising services and businesses, and b) car graphics used for transforming the look of the car. Other car stickers that you get to see are windshield custom car stickers (they are small in size and do not hinder the driver’s view), sports decals (used in vehicles to showcase sports logos or designs), magnetic car stickers, and static clings. Vinyl is the chosen material for making most of these stickers.

Customization options available for these stickers

Other than the two main broad types of car decals mentioned above, people also love to use the following vehicle stickers.

  • Slogan decals

Designing a car expresses one’s personality. You might have noticed that many people prefer to stick slogan decals or some famous saying (or quotes) that reveal their thoughts and beliefs.

  • Logo decals

These decals are prominent among employees of a certain company who want to promote their brand. Usually, static clings are commonly used as logo decals as they are temporary and can be removed easily. You can reuse them if you want to.

  • Fund-raising decals

Fund-raising decals can be customized to any specification. Schools and churches choose these stickers for various events held to raise funds for a specific purpose. You can customize them according to your need.

  • Stickers used for a parking permit

Many companies, universities, apartment buildings, and other large facilities use pre-designated parking spaces. Custom car decals are used to identify cars with the permission to park at a definite place. People also call them parking permit stickers. The details of the facility or apartment are mentioned in these decals. Get More at 402-935-7733 

  • Festive car decals

People often order festive car decals and stick them in their cars to spread the joyous vibe among others. You are likely to witness such displays during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. You also get these stickers for commemorating anniversaries or birthdays.

  • Memorial decals

Yes, you even can customize a decal with the name of your deceased dear one. Usually, people like to use religious graphics for making these stickers. You also get the option to choose the size, color, font, and any other specification while placing the order.

  • Information oriented stickers

Often, we want to let the other drivers know about something. Say, for example, if you have a newborn in the car, you may like to use a sticker showing the sign “Baby on Board.” Even you may find pet owners using bumper stickers with their pet’s name on them. You can also get to know whether a hired taxi is GPS enabled or not by glancing at the decal at the back of the vehicle. Cars are either run by diesel or petrol. To make sure the people at the gas station do not make any mistakes, you can use a sign marked as “diesel” or “petrol” on the cover of the fuel tank.


Other than serving the purpose of advertising or changing the look of your car, car decals can be helpful in many ways.