9 Most Beautiful Places In India To Visit Before You Die

India is a land, which is famous for its rich heritage, historical importance, culture, and diversity. Apart from the various sightseeing spots; India is also home to a lot of natural views and places. You can explore these beautiful places in India with your family, friends, and your spouses. India will never leave you unsurprising; no matter which area you decide to visit or explore. There is always something that will astonish you, and fill your heart with pleasure and joy. Also while you visit India do not just forget to check out the colorful markets and the amazing food options in each and every region.

So in your India travel packages itinerary make sure you include these amazing places, which you should definitely check out before dying.

9 Beautiful Places in India to Explore

1. Rann Of kutch, Gujrat-

If you want to see a white desert with your own eyes and want to experience the magnificent views; then you should for sure visit the great Rann of Kutch. Here you can witness the white sand shining and changing its colors in the sunlight. You will just see a land covered with white sand, which actually is salt as far as you try to see and explore. Rann of Kutch is also extremely famous for its great festival called Great Kutch festival. You can also camp and do a camel ride to explore the place with your friends and families.

The one of most beautiful land of India is Rann Of kutch in Gujrat

2. Living root bridge, Meghalya-

Have you ever dreamed of walking on a naturally created bridge; just like the Tarzan movies. If yes, visiting the living root bridge and walking over it is the right thing for you to do. This magically created natural bridge can hold around 50 people at a time, and the bridge is made of Elastic tree roots. Some of the roots are more than 10 feet long. So experience once a lifetime experience, of walking down a living root bridge in Meghalaya India.

Root bridges in Meghalya

3. Munnar, Kerela-

This beautiful and surreal hill station is based in The southern part of India, in Kerela. The views of this place are no less than that of a painting created by God himself. The lush green tea and coffee plantations will fill your soul with joy and happiness. You can enjoy camping, bonfire, and other activities while you visit Munnar. And do not definitely forget to create some of the most beautiful pictures while you visit the surreal land.

beautiful destination in india Munnar vally, Kerela

4. Key Monastry, Spiti Valley-

If there is any heaven on this Earth, then it is definitely in the valleys of Spiti. Where you can just disconnect yourself from the outer world and immerse yourself into the beauty, that nature has to offer. The valley is located in the Eastern part of India and is also very famous for its beautiful monasteries. And one such beautiful monastery that you should explore is the key monastery; which is well known for its beautiful and unexplained Chinese architecture.

Spiti vally in himachal india

5. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh-

If you also have an eye to explore the less explored places; or the ones which have not been touched by many. Then ziro, in Arunachal Pradesh is a must visit for you. You can visit this place throughout the year; as the climate is extremely pleasant always. This place is extremely famous for rice fields, the beautiful skylines. Also the place is a home to the Apa Tani Tribe.

Ziro in arunachal pradesh, India

6. Chaand Baori, Rajasthan-

This is a one of its kind step well; which has also been pictured in a lot of Bollywood films such as Paheli. The beautiful architecture of the well and the dept of this step well attracts a lot of tourists to it. The well is almost around 1000 years old and is built in 13 stories. You can also explore a beautiful temple which is just situated touching the well. However the architecture is so old, it still stands tall and firm. And is also ideal for a double flight landing at the same time; which is great.

The meritorious chaand baori in Rajasthan india

7. Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh-

This beautiful and surreal hill station is not touched by many. It is just located 3 hours away from the famous hill station Kasol. The whole valley is covered with beautiful pine trees with a beautiful river flowing aside. You can also opt to stay in a treehouse to, increase the adventure of visiting the Tirthan Valley. Or can just sit in silence and observe the natural beauty the place has to offer. Also, the place is full of mysteries left for you to explore while you pay a visit to Tirthan valley.

Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh

8. Champaner, Gujrat-

This place holds a lot of historical and spiritual importance as a whole. This site is also recognized by UNESCO. The place is very famous among historians and tourists as it has a historical appeal. Also, according to o the Hindu Mythology; it is believed that Pavagadh, are not hills. But they are just chunks of Sanjeevani booti that fell down. While lord Hanuman was carrying it to Lord Rama. Isn’t it interesting; indeed it is thus, makes sure you visit this beautiful historical site on your next visit to India.

Champaner in Gujrat, India

9.  Dzukou Valley, Kohima, Nagaland

This beautiful valley is just 25 km far from the Kohima and is situated at a height of 1500 meters above sea level. The beautiful valley is full of flowers and lush green plants. Also, during the season of blossom, the valley turns into beautiful shades of white and red which make the valley look amazingly beautiful. So, if you love exploring the beauty of nature; then you should definitely pay a visit to the Dzukou valley.

Dzukou Valley, Kohima, Nagaland-

Take Away-

Whenever you are making a bucket of beautiful places in India; which you want to explore before you die. Make sure you add these places; which you should visit at least once in this lifetime.

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