9 Best Magic Items For Necromancers 5e

Necromancers are unique among practitioners of the dark arts because they can govern the dead and control life and death. Because of this, they need certain equipment and relics to bolster their special skills and guarantee their supremacy in both calling forth and subduing the undead. A necromancer’s efficiency can be greatly enhanced by the proper magic items, which offer protection, adaptability, and power in addition to power. A combination of offensive and useful things can be found among the best magic items for necromancers 5e. These range from the powerful Wand of Orcus, which offers several advantages like an increase in fighting prowess and spellcasting, to the Bag of Holding, which is perfect for carrying zombie minions. 

The Bag of Holding

One of the most iconic objects in Dungeons & Dragons, the Bag of Holding is highly valued for its amazing ability to contain a large number of goods while keeping its weight steady and manageable. Despite its seemingly straightforward form, this magical sack can hold significantly more stuff than its actual size since it opens into a non-dimensional area. This is especially useful for necromancers, as it offers a stealthy way to move anything necessary for their dark arts, such as bodies, bones, or ritual supplies. Adventurers need ease of mobility, and the Bag of Holding’s special feature of weighing only 15 pounds regardless of its contents assures this. Users must exercise caution, though, as breaking or overloading the bag might carry disastrous results, such as losing its contents to the Astral.

The Handy Haversack

A unique and useful item in Dungeons & Dragons, the Handy Haversack is perfect for adventurers who need quick and orderly access to their equipment. The Haversack is distinct from the larger Bag of Holding due to its numerous compartments, facilitating organized stowage and effortless item retrieval. With their distinct areas and capacities, the main compartment and side pouches provide an organized method of transporting different items. Its miraculous convenience—which saves time, especially in emergencies—is a noteworthy characteristic. The thing the user seeks always appears at the top. The Haversack, which weighs just 5 pounds when empty, is incredibly lightweight and portable, making it ideal for people like necromancers who need to carry a variety of supplies for their magical activities. 

Cape of the Mountebank.

This cape allows the user to cast the “Dimension Door” spell as an action, enabling them to teleport up to 500 feet to a location they can specify. This ability can be a game-changer in various situations, offering a swift escape from danger, rapid movement across the battlefield, or the means to bypass obstacles. The cape typically has a once-per-day use limit, making its use a strategic choice. The Cape of the Mountebank is ideal for characters who value mobility and surprise in their adventures, adding an element of unpredictability and flexibility to their arsenal.

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Wand of Orcus: 

The Wand of Orcus is a legendary artifact in Dungeons & Dragons, deeply associated with necromancy and dark powers. Named after Orcus, the Demon Prince of Undeath, this wand is a powerful symbol of control over death and the undead. It is highly sought after by necromancers and other practitioners of dark magic due to its ability to summon and command undead creatures, as well as its significant enhancements to the wielder’s combat capabilities. The wand is not only a tool of immense magical power but also a potent icon in the D&D universe, representing the ultimate dominion over life and death.

Libram of Souls and Flesh

The Libram of Souls and Flesh in Dungeons & Dragons is a rare and powerful magical item tailored for necromancers. It functions as both a spellbook and a focus, containing a selection of necromancy spells essential for manipulating life and death. Unique to this item is its ability to grant the wielder an appearance of undeath for a brief period, making undead creatures indifferent unless provoked. This attribute, along with its spellcasting enhancements, makes the Libram an invaluable tool for necromancers seeking to expand their control over the undead and enhance their presence on the battlefield. The item’s rarity and potent abilities usually reserve its use for higher-level characters within the game.

The Teleportation Helmet

The Helm of Teleportation in Dungeons & Dragons is a rare and valuable magical item that enables the wearer to cast the teleport spell. This ability is highly coveted for its potential to instantly transport the user and several companions to a chosen destination. The effectiveness of teleportation depends on the user’s familiarity with the destination, with more familiar locations being safer targets. This helm significantly enhances a party’s mobility, allowing for swift travel across great distances, strategic repositioning in combat, and quick escapes from perilous situations. Its utility in both exploration and combat scenarios makes it an asset for adventurers in a variety of campaigns and challenges.

Ring of evasion

This ring grants the wearer a powerful defensive mechanism: when the wearer fails a Dexterity saving throw, they can use one of the ring’s charges to instead succeed, thus avoiding potentially harmful effects that rely on such saving throws. The Ring of Evasion is especially useful for characters who frequently find themselves in the thick of battle or in situations where quick reflexes are crucial. It’s a valuable item for any adventurer seeking to evade traps, spells, and other hazards that test their dexterity and reaction speed. This ring typically comes with a limited number of charges that are replenished after a set period, usually at dawn.

Wand of paralysis

The Wand of Paralysis in Dungeons & Dragons is a magical item that offers a strategic advantage in combat by allowing the wielder to paralyze opponents. When used, it forces a target within range to make a saving throw or become paralyzed for a duration, rendering them incapable of moving or acting. This effect is incredibly useful for incapacitating strong enemies or controlling the battlefield, as paralyzed foes are easier to hit and vulnerable to critical hits from melee attacks. The wand typically has a limited number of charges and may regain them daily at dawn.

Amulet of Health

The Amulet of Health is a notable magic item in Dungeons & Dragons, particularly beneficial for characters seeking to enhance their resilience and survivability. This item is classified as a “Wondrous Item” and is typically rare. The primary feature of the Amulet of Health is its ability to significantly increase the wearer’s Constitution score. When worn, it sets the wearer’s Constitution score to 19, regardless of the character’s original score. This increase can substantially impact a character’s hit points, overall health, and resilience, as well as improve certain saving throws linked to the Constitution.

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Selecting the proper magic items is essential for necromancers 5e. These objects offer strategic advantages and defensive capabilities in addition to strengthening their innate necromantic talents. Every item has a special advantage that can influence how a necromancer uses their dark arts, whether it’s for battlefield domination with a Wand of Webs or survival assurance with an Amulet of Health. Necromancers can enhance their effectiveness and fully embody the dreadful power of commanding the dead by carefully choosing the weapons in their armory.