Best tips to improve your laptop speed

Does your ageing laptop require a speed boost? If that is the case, you need to read the blog further to know how to do that!

Your laptop would gather a lot of data over time. Hence, as your laptop ages, the speed also reduces. It’s essential to maintain your tasks and optimise your laptop’s speed from time to time. Below are a few ways in which you can speed up the performance of your laptop.

Ways To Increase The Speed Of Your Laptop

  • Reduce The Number Of Programs & Tasks

When you begin working on your laptop, several programs will run automatically. These programs can take up a lot of your CPU usability while slowing your laptop down. If you’re utilising windows, you’re required to open the task manager and click on the startup option. You’ll get a program list there. Disable Or enable them relying on your requirements.

If using Mac, you’ll first head over to users and groups in the system preferences panel. Now, select the login item and adjust the programs that you want to view.

  • Uninstall The Applications That You Don’t Use Anymore

There are a lot of applications that you don’t use anymore. Make sure to uninstall the app, which would boost the speed of your laptop. This is mainly in the case of movies, games and bigger files. Mac users could move the programs to the bin. While, on windows, you can choose the programs that you want to uninstall or you don’t want to use.

  • Upgrading The RAM

Random Access Memory, also known as RAM, is a type of memory storage that helps your laptop in featuring large files and games. By adding RAM, you can increase the memory of your laptop. This would speed up your laptop.

  • Add an SSD

A solid State Drive, or SSD, is the same as a hard drive. It stores data and information in memory cards without even using any mechanical components. It can boost your laptop’s performance and speed. However, remember that once you purchase an SSD, you need to install it.

  • Reinstall The OS

You can very easily reinstall the operating system without even losing files on your laptop. You can do this by resetting the computer & then reinstalling it. In this procedure, all your essential files would remain on your laptop, and they won’t disappear. You can do this by going to the recovery in security and updates tab in the settings tab.

  • Clean Up Hardware

Once every month, make sure that you clean you get your laptop cleaned by an expert. You can google the best laptop company in your place and get it done quickly.

Final Conclusion

Regular use of the laptop can immensely slow it down. Avoid getting irritated and frustrated. Optimise your laptop regularly. It is always great to make sure things are running correctly. The tips mentioned above in the list can support you in enhancing both the quality and performance of your system.