Credit Cards Online – Apply for Instant Credit Card in 3 Easy Steps

The importance of credit cards can never be stressed enough. It is convenient, and easy access to credit makes it necessary to have while making hefty purchases. This article discusses how to apply for an instant credit card and get it approved in three easy steps. 

Step One:

Banks all over India offer credit cards with different schemes and benefits. So, the first step to apply for an instant credit card begins with choosing a credit card option that best suits you. You must keep in mind the usage and requirements of credit cards before applying for one. Credit cards often are also designed specifically for travellers, entertainment, or business purposes. Depending on your requirement, choose a bank and credit card scheme that offers you the most benefits. 

Once selected, you should contact your bank to enquire about your eligibility for the instant credit card, your scheme limits, and the documents you must furnish for your instant Credit Card application.

Step Two:

To prove your eligibility for the credit card, you must support your application with necessary documents, comprising the second step to apply for an instant credit card. A bank essentially asks for identity proof, address, and income proof before proceeding with your application. These documents might not be necessary if you have an existing account with the bank. 

You can online apply for credit card or visit the nearest bank branch or ATM with the required documents to continue with the application process. The annual fee for your credit card is usually reflected on your bank statement. Upon reaching a certain withdrawal limit, the respective bank can also waiver off the annual credit card fee. 

Step Three:

After you’ve successfully submitted your instant credit card application and supporting documents, all there is to do is wait while the application gets approved by the bank. In the meantime, you can also check your credit card application status by logging in to your bank website and providing the necessary details or ask manually by contacting or visiting your bank branch. 

After the application is approved, you might be asked for confirmation, and within a week, your credit card is mailed over to your residence using postal services, which might need your signature. The Credit card PIN is couriered separately, and a green PIN is sent to your registered mobile number. Once the credit card arrives, visit an ATM counter near you to change the PIN to your choice.

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