Exploring The Possibilities Of 10×10 Canopy For Outdoor Dining

The summertime is appropriate for spending time outdoors and grabbing a quick bite in warm and sunny is a much-preferred thing for many people. However, the global pandemic has shadowed such opportunities and is forcing people to stay indoors. With cases lowering across the world, the restaurants are once again witnessing the familiar crowd.

How to stay safe with outdoor dining:

More and more people prefer visiting those eateries with adequate space. However, the cheap meals at the roadside restaurants are hard to resist. In a bid to make the customers come back to their preferred eateries, many of these small-seating spaces are considering the installation of 10×10 canopy tents. These tents allow restaurant owners to create a safe environment.

What are the things that the restaurant owners must consider when using canopy tents to extend the restaurants? Here are the factors that restaurant owners need to consider when selecting a canopy tent.

  • Budget and convenience

If you are yet to decide whether to retain the extension of your eatery, you must choose a canopy that is easy to build and remove apart from this, you need to consider the portability and the sanitization of the tents during the tough times. When getting a canopy, you must also consider the budget based on whether the tent is seasonal or permanent.

  • Provide shade

No matter how fanciful the idea of dining out maybe, considering a canopy tent is essential to provide a nice shade to the customers. Apart from this, the shaded canopy creates the most protective ambiance during the global pandemic. The openness of the canopy tents is fast becoming one of the reasons for the restaurant owners to choose this option for the business.

  • Checking the rain gutters and weight

Your restaurant may benefit from a 10×10 canopy but you must avoid going for purchase in a hurry. It is necessary to check whether the tents have weight and rain gutters. While the former keeps the tent secured from gusty winds the rain gutters allow the water to drain out and prevent accumulation on the top.

  • Availability of accessories

If you want to make the canopy tent feature-rich, the possibilities are immense. You can add floors, walls, or draping to make the canopy similar to a permanent structure. If the outdoor dining your install is not seasonal, it is better to go for accessories to add value to the tent.

Improving customer experience:

For every outdoor dining, an improved customer experience is one of the biggest priorities. With the global pandemic raging the world, the 10×10 canopy tents offer excellent solutions. The outdoor dining provides an expanded seating capacity, making it easier for people to follow the social distancing regulations.

Besides, acting as saviors from coronavirus infections, the canopy tents also protect from the weather elements. Therefore, the guests may enjoy eating inside the tent even when the wind and rain are at their peak. There are several reasons why the restaurants are sast switching towards the option of outdoor dining in canopy tents.