Factors to Consider While Buying an ID lanyard 

Some companies require their employees to carry an ID card at all times. However, storing it in your pocket or wallet can be highly inconvenient. You could even forget to take it to the office, which can be embarrassing.

The best solution to those problems is to carry an ID lanyard. These are loop-shaped cords that you wear around your neck that almost reach the belly button and come in both breakaway and non-breakaway versions.

Lanyards have a lot of benefits, one of which is convenience. You don’t have to worry about losing your card once you hang these. They come in various colors, end-fittings, attachments, and shapes.

You must have seen people wearing these identification cardholders at trade shows, business meetings, and conferences. You should try using them if you have never done it before.

Here are some things you should know about them, like their benefits and things to check before buying one.

What are some benefits of lanyards?

One of the main benefits is comfort. It hangs around your neck and displays your card without requiring you to use your hands. A lanyard can also hold two to three cards besides your identification card.

These cords keep your cards safe, as they always remain with you. They are highly functional, allowing you to quickly exchange information with other business participants in conference shows, besides building brand identity. 

You can select a particular color, attachment, or cord according to your preference. It is cheap compared to other options and highly comfortable since the strap doesn’t interfere with your movement.

Things to consider while choosing one

You should consider these factors while buying a lanyard.

Choose a particular color

A lanyard comes in several colors, including red, blue, black, green, purple, white, and orange. Choosing bright colors would be a good option since it easily stands out in photographs.

What kind of end fitting do you prefer?

The end fitting refers to the attachment on the lanyards and is of various types, including swivel hooks, wide plastic hooks, detachable buckles, strap clips, and badge reels. You can choose from these, as they’re all quite efficient.

Some prefer keyrings because they look stylish, while hooks are the first choice of others as they provide a firm grip. Before selecting one, try attaching your card and see how it feels. 

Breakaway vs. Non-breakaway Option

ID cables come in both breakaway and non-breakaway options, each having distinct advantages. Many people prefer the breakaway option because it snaps apart under pressure rather than choking or putting pressure on the neck.

After it snaps, you can easily attach it by closing the clips on each other. However, you can choose non-breakaway ones if you don’t like multiple clips on the lanyard. They are equally safe and efficient at carrying your card securely.

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Choice of Materials

These card-holding cables come in various materials such as plastic, polyester, nylon, bamboo, nickel-plated steel, polypropylene, and antimicrobial. Many people prefer nylon because of its smoothness, while polyester is best for bright colors.

You should choose a material you find comfortable and aren’t allergic to. 

Buying an ID lanyard is a good idea when you are looking for convenience, ease of access, style, and safety. You can choose one based on its appearance and working mechanism at a reasonable price.