Grids App Review: A Powerful Instagram Client For Mac

Instagram is a top-rated social media platform with over a billion users globally. The company keeps introducing new features to lure more users to sign up. As per 9to5Mac, it is currently testing a revamped look for Stories which will also feature vertical scrolling. Cameras featured in smartphones continue to get better every day, and it has been a great advantage for people on the platform. However, not everyone wants to use their phone to post on Instagram. Some people prefer using their PC or Mac to upload content. Sadly, Instagram does not have a Mac-exclusive application. There are two ways using which you can access Instagram on your Mac – by opening the Instagram website on a browser or by using a third-party Instagram client. 

What is Grids?

One of the best third-party clients that provide Mac users with an authentic experience of Instagram is Grids. It is essentially the perfect application of Instagram for Mac since it provides users with most of the features that Instagram offers on the official phone app. It works perfectly on any screen size and offers fullscreen mode. Released in 2014, the app offers a mesmerizing Instagram experience for Mac users. 

Core Features of Grids:

Here are some of the best features that Grids offer to Mac users:

  • Share Photo and Video Posts

Grids allow users to share single or multiple photos and videos as posts directly using their Macs. Moreover, users can also insert the location where the photo was taken, add hashtags to increase reach, and cross-post the content to their Facebook accounts. Grids offer all the native features that users of the Instagram mobile app enjoy. 

  • Post Stories

With Grids, you can post or share stories directly from your Mac. Similar to posts, you can also add the location, hashtags, and stickers. Grids are the first app that provides its users with the features to add a story using their desktop. Therefore, people who prefer using their Mac to browse Instagram can now avail themselves of all the functionalities that the native mobile app features with ease using this third-party client. 

  • Perform Every Action

Whether you want to like a post, comment your views, search for a celebrity or friend, or simply explore the Instagram feed – you can use Grids to perform every task. Moreover, you can also view other users’ stories, highlights, & IGTV videos. You can efficiently perform everything you could do only with your phone’s Instagram app using Grids. If you want, you can also turn on the notification feature to receive alerts whenever your photo receives a new like or comment or if there is a new follow request. 

  • Conveniently Switch Accounts

Many people have multiple accounts on Instagram. Grids allow users to switch between their accounts with ease. All you need to do is tap on the account name present in the menu bar to switch to the other account instantly. Users can log in to as many accounts as they want and switch between them whenever they require.

  • Customize Layout Styles

Grids provide a total of four different layout styles that you can switch between. Users can choose the layout in which they want to consume and interact with content. There is also an option to customize the dimensions of a picture, its background, and spacing. 

Overview of Grids

Grids is a powerful Instagram client for Mac users, and the application’s features prove that. Grids shines brightly when it comes to the viewing experience it provides to its users. At the very core of the application is an appealing window of posts. The app’s default view is that of a grid composed of square images. The user can customize the feed according to their preferences. There are options for:

  • Increasing the gap present between image tiles. 
  • Displaying a short version of the text info. 
  • Displaying the complete caption of images.
  • Changing the layout of the images. 
  • Switching to dark or light appearance. 

Just as it is in the mobile application of Instagram, the Stories are available along the screen’s top. Users can choose to disable the Stories if they wish to focus more on the feed. Various options are available that allow the user to augment the viewing experience as per their preferences. There is also a feature to turn off the appearance of advertisements.

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Should You Purchase Grids?

If you are a marketer, influencer, or professional social media manager who uses Instagram to upload content regularly from your desktop, Grids is the perfect app. It offers all the features of Instagram and lays out the app well enough to look up content that appeals to you. 

Grids is a great client for Mac, and without a doubt, it offers a smooth user experience. Consider getting it if you plan on using your Mac for uploading or browsing content on Instagram.