How to choose a very warm blanket for winter?

A very warm blanket

The first thing that the holidays make us remember is the change of seasons and the replacement of summer clothes with autumn and winter clothes.

Along with the cleaning for the holidays, we are already starting to prepare the bedding for the first rain and are looking forward to a warm and cozy blanket that will be covered in it on cold nights.

The blankets we cover today are made of very advanced materials, which provide us with the same excellent protection without burdening us.

In the past, luxury bed throws were made from natural materials such as duvets and feathers which made it difficult for people to use them at times and also cost a lot of money. Today we can enjoy light but very warm blankets or more traditional blankets for those who love the feeling of yesteryear and all this nostalgia.

We decide whether winter or summer

The change of seasons is almost irrelevant today. The weather may warm our hearts and signal us to dress better, but at home, it is a completely different story.

Because the seasons also change and the air conditioners and heating cause us to change temperature artificially, we hardly find any artificial division of blankets for winter and summer.

Some people will be happy to keep hiding inside their upside-down even in a powerful air conditioner in the summer, and there are those for whom heating in their home is so satisfying that relatively light luxury bed throws do the job for them.

These two will in any case benefit from contemporary materials that make the blankets an equally fashionable and designed item. Therefore, luxury bed throws are great for both air conditioning in summer and cold winter.

All types of winter blankets

A huge selection of quality luxury bed throws awaits in the unique bedding store of dreams.

In recent years, luxury bed throws have been produced that have revolutionized the blankets we used to cover over the years.

The role of the blanket is to maintain each person’s body heat and insulate it so that it will be comfortable under a particularly luxury bed throws on cold winter days.


The old and heavy luxury bed throws, which were not always very warm, gave way to several types of light duvets made of materials that retain body heat.

High-quality goose down blanket

This is the highest quality blanket made up of the highest quality material, goose down. The rest of the filling in this quilt are feathers. The great advantage of using natural materials is the maintenance of a constant heat level, the heat that is added over time is not stored but evaporates and in addition, there is no accumulation of static electricity.

It is not possible to wash these blankets in the home washing machine but only in the process of dry cleaning.

This filling blanket is not suitable for people suffering from various allergies and they will use synthetic blankets. The store has a particularly large supply of blankets of this type and we adjust each customer to the blanket that best suits him according to his desired size and degree of warmth.