How to Market To Different Generations and Why Target Research is Important

Marketing is and has always been about knowing your target audience. A savvy marketer will consider how members of different generations might come to information in the first place as a jumping-off point. Millennials and Gen Z, for the most part, will be looking to the internet to find business information, whereas Gen X and the Baby Boomers are more likely to pursue details they encounter in physical space. These are generalizations, but the important part is to consider your marketing on fronts that will appeal to whatever your target audience is.

Mass Appeal

No matter your approach, it’s vital to market intentionally. Many target audience members will notice if marketing is done haphazardly or sloppily. Sloppy efforts will often be made in vain and not serve to help your cause, but even worse, they can hinder your growth. A weak marketing effort leaves a bad impression in potential customer’s minds, which is critical to avoid.

The baseline of good marketing starts with a polished, decisive focus. Figure out exactly what about your business you are marketing – are you trying to bring in new customers to check out a new product or service that you’re launching? Is there a sale or promotion you’re running? Whatever the occasion, choose carefully and design a marketing campaign to focus on it. Finding polished design templates is a great place to start. Whether creating a social media blast, a physical or emailed flyer, or an ad in a local publication, having a clean and focused point to advertise only strengthens your goal.

Research shows that maintaining a relationship with your customers crosses the generational divide no matter what generation you’re catering to. Reach out to customers personally via social media, and remember to stay engaged with your audience! By building a bond with them as a provider, you’re creating positive associations in their minds about interacting with your business. If you’re able to personalize the service you provide to fit the needs of individuals better, doing so will only serve to strengthen a base you can further advertise on.

Specific Appeal

You want your customers, in general, to view your business in a positive light, sure, but don’t forget to focus on the end goal of your business’s design. You most likely have a target demographic, and the easiest way to ensure your success is to focus on reaching it. Enter target research, the greatest arrow in your quiver.

For starters, you will want to think hard about what you’re marketing and who needs it. Consider your atmosphere and the crowd you’d like to bring in if you’re a restaurant. If you’re selling a specific product, do a little research on the demographics that use it. Don’t be afraid to drop a little cash on analytics programs and data firms that can tell you who’s interested in what you’re offering. Anyone can visit a hardware store for a quick home project, but dedicated craftspeople are the ones that keep the business floating. Once you’ve identified your target demographic, start thinking about how to appeal to them and where they’re likely to spend their attention. This is where you need to dig into marketing, be it using targeted Facebook ads, Instagram story ads, or something physical in local publications.

All The Young Dudes

Members of the younger generations famously get their information online, and if you intend to market to them, you need to prioritize digital spaces. Investing some time and energy in building a strong social media presence is a great first step. Any business that caters to younger folks should prioritize marketing through Instagram and TikTok, which younger folks have more widely adopted. On Instagram, you can post stories and promotions and even run targeted ad campaigns that will focus their attention on folks who notably have an interest in your market.

Target research is your best weapon here; targeted advertising is only as good as its targeting LNER advertising strategies. Doing a little up-front research can help you establish some rough parameters amongst app users to figure out who needs to see your ad. “Young people” is much too vague, but “People between 18-35 who enjoy eating Korean food and tend to take advantage of coupons” is a tool you can use.

The Future Is Now, Old Man

You can use targeted advertising to cater to older folks, too. Here you’re looking to use Facebook groups and ads, as it’s a platform geared more towards the middle-aged to an older crowd. With Facebook, you’re likely best served by using the platform to prioritize customer service and as an extension of your website. The older crowd loves to engage with their favorite local spots, so post menus and specials, and put out frequent blasts to fix your presence in their minds.

Facebook is simple enough that most of the information posted to the platform is accessible even to those lacking in tech know-how, but don’t let it fool you – it has one of the most powerful advertising algorithms in the game, and if you have a target market to reach, Facebook marketing can get you there. From this jumping-off point, encourage the use of tools like email lists. Nearly everyone can access email, and having a weekly, biweekly, or monthly mailer hit their inbox with coupons or promotions is a surefire way to engage your target audience.

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You Don’t Need To Be The One

Tech marketing can feel truly daunting when starting out, but the truth is, it’s not going anywhere. If you want the same to be true of your business, the earlier you crack that seal, the quicker you can start getting customers through your doors (physical or digital). Don’t let it scare you! You don’t need to be a tech guru; find some marketing agencies, locally or online, that can get you started and absorb everything you can from them. You can ensure your business will prosper by prioritizing marketing in the twenty-first century. Go forth and market, but let the internet do the work for you.