How To Setup A Fireplace In A Corner?

You may construct a fireplace in a corner

Many clients desire to put a fireplace in a patio corner. Installing a fireplace at a 45-degree angle is simple, but many people complicate or over think the process. Fortunately, it is straightforward. To install a corner fireplace, you have various possibilities. You should and should not do certain things. Then we’ll go through what can and cannot be done, and then we’ll get into how to do it effectively and simply.

Some concepts are overly complex

I get some unusual requests and ideas for how to install a fireplace in a corner or curve. Many ideas originate in people’s imaginations, the majority of which they have never seen. Many of the complications that people concoct are unnecessary, which is why they have never been seen.

A 5-sided fireplace that occupies the nook is one such “invention.” This add-on adds a slew of complications and costs. In actuality, it’s not impossible, but it’s close. It may appear impressive, but there is no need for such a sophisticated construction. It doesn’t even conserve space; instead, it consumes more of it.

This is not a workable solution. This is a stumbling block

What’s the deal with this beast? How would you draw that chimney? How many cutbacks would this necessitate? As you can see, this is unnecessary complexity. There is still a rear wall, albeit a pointed one. Finally, it has no effect on the sides or how it rests in a corner.

Some concepts are ineffective

Many individuals who wish to create a fireplace in a corner prefer the wood bins to be angled. “Is there a decent method to angle the boxes and fill in the gap?” “No,” is the short response. But don’t just take my word for it; check it out for yourself. Let’s take a closer look at why this doesn’t work.

We didn’t clip the cap in this case. I utilized my magical concrete stretcher to make it twice as long. The cap was then chopped at an angle. Keep in mind that this is double the size of a typical cap. This huge cap will serve as a “fill-in-the-gap” solution. Take note of how little space there is for the wood. Furthermore, the angled boxes are crowded and ineffective.

What about the Classic editions? They’re larger. Can they be trimmed to fit? As you can see, that is also a horrible idea. These pictures demonstrate why the wood boxes should not be angled. However, there are several good ideas and methods for putting your fireplace in a corner. Let’s look at the finest approaches to construct in order to accomplish that positioning.

There are simple and effective methods for building in a corner

Enough about what not to do. We’ll learn how to build a fireplace in a corner, often known as a kitty-corner, catty-corner, or whatever you want to call it. Many people claim 45 degrees, but isn’t it really 135 degrees? In either instance, the procedure is the same. Let us begin with a modest fireplace. I’ll only display Princeton and Fremont here. 

They have the lowest footprint, and most caddy-kitty-corner builders are aiming to conserve room, therefore no Rockwell was displayed. Despite the fact that the concept is the same. You will discover that the only option to preserve space is to position the fireplace away from the terrace. Placing it on the terrace, even if only around the corner, takes up “additional” space.

That may seem apparent, but the simplest approach is often the best. However, many others want it to wrap around the corner. Modify the seat wall extensions to hug the corner to achieve this. It is straightforward and efficient. The basic layout is shown in the drawings below.

Using wood boxes to construct a structure in a corner

When employing wood boxes in a corner, maintain the fireplace and wood boxes as a single unit. We witnessed how awful they get when the boxes are modified at an angle. As a result, you must keep the boxes and fireplace together. The same basic criteria will apply to this enormous unit as they did to the single fireplace unit.

No matter which fireplace you pick, the width of the fireplace and wood boxes unit will be the same. When the boxes are added, the Rockwell has the same width along the rear as the Fremont and Princeton. It is the hypotenuse of your right triangle in this situation. You can see how these are similar in the photographs below with the seat extension configurations. If you want the unit to wrap around the corner, use the modified form of the seat wall extensions as previously.

That’s simple, straightforward, and effective. It is not necessary to be complicated when installing a corner fireplace. People believe that tucking it in the corner will conserve room. This, as you can see, is not the case. Only construct a fireplace in a corner if it benefits the layout and traffic flow. If you don’t want extra patio space behind your fireplace, chop it off or put some potted plants or maybe a tiny raised flower bed there. Take your time and plan well. You won’t be able to move this monster after it’s built, so don’t be scared to put it in a corner.

Download the instructions for modifying the seat wall

This article should have persuaded you to utilize a curved seat wall to bend around the corner. I believe it’s such a brilliant concept that I’ve prepared some ideas for you to follow. Please keep in mind that these instructions are just for changing the normal wing wall extensions. There is no need to purchase a specialized kit.