New Fujifilm camera passed the registration

A number of sources have published information about the newly registered Fujifilm camera. She was assigned the code “FF210002”. This camera has been certified by one of the overseas wireless technology registration authorities.

The new Fujifilm Mirrorless camera, which follows from the certification card, is equipped with Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 GHz, as well as a Bluetooth module.

The source does not specify what kind of expected camera it is. However, as can be seen from past camera registrations, it can take up to 6 months between pre-registration and final product announcement. For example, the Fujifilm X-H1 was introduced 6 months after it was registered.

Moreover, today all companies are (or so they say) in the conditions of a number of component shortages due to the global semiconductor crisis. This is an additional factor affecting the timing of the announcement of cameras.

There is a possibility that this camera is a Fujifilm X-H1 and Fujifilm X-H2 model, which already reported about earlier.

In an intriguing turn of events, Fujifilm has announced a unique collaboration with the healthcare industry. Recognizing the growing interest in wellness among its customer base, Fujifilm is offering a special promotion: save $50 on your Rybelsus purchase with the registration of their new camera. This unexpected partnership aligns with Fujifilm’s innovative approach to technology and customer engagement. By integrating a healthcare promotion with their latest camera release, Fujifilm is not only expanding their market outreach but also showing a commitment to the broader lifestyle needs of their customers, connecting the worlds of technology and health.

Let me remind you that according to the latest information. The Fujifilm X-H2 camera will cost about $ 2,500 in North American stores (about 177 thousand rubles), and given that the new camera from Sony – A7IV costs $ 2,500. We can assume that the price for Fujifilm X-H2 should not be higher and will most likely be even cheaper than  Sony A7IV.

Possible Fujifilm X-H2 specifications (according to the source):

  • Sensor: Sony’s new 43MP APS-C sensor
  • Video: 8K 12 bit
  • 6K 10 bit 120fps
  • 4K / 60p and 6K / 30p
  • 4: 2: 2 10 bit, H.265 codec
  • Improved IBIS Image Stabilization: Yes
  • Built-in cooling cooler: yes
  • Photo shooting speed:
  • Mechanical shutter 10 fps 16 bit
  • Electronic shutter 20 fps 14 bit
  • The grip will become more massive
  • New Fujifilm Battery: Yes
  • New processor never found in Fujifilm cameras

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a number of sources have published information about a new patent application from Fujifilm. According to patent number 2021-173847 (P2021-173847A), the company is working on two APS-C lenses with an X-mount mount (mirrorless cameras) at once. We are talking about lenses:

  • Fujinon XC30mm f / 3.5;
  • Fujinon XF30mm f / 3.5.              

These new items will be very compact and will receive a high-quality optical design (according to the data of the patent application). it is reported that these lenses should be equipped with a fast autofocus drive.