New World Azoth Farming: How To Win The Blue Substance

In New World, the raw material Azoth plays an important role: Only with the help of this blue substance can you travel fast.

You’ll also need them to enrich craftable items, increasing the chance of additional effects, or even sell for New World gold. But how can you win Azoth? We’ll give you the answer now.

New World: How can I farm Azoth?

There are a number of ways to get Azoth. But keep in mind that you can collect a maximum of 1,000 of them – then it’s over and there is no way to increase the limit in New World. In the following we reveal all possibilities to farm Azoth:

  • Farming resources (from level 1): Mining, logging, fishing, harvesting and skinning can bring you small amounts of Azoth.
  • Completing missions (from level 10): Completing missions also brings you different amounts of Azoth.
  • Kill NPCs (from level 20): Every now and then NPCs that you knock down on your journey through Aeternum drop Azoth.
  • Fight corruption outbreaks (from level 25): With the production of the Azoth staff you can free areas on the map from the corruption. For graduation you bag Azoth. In general, you often get Azoth for destroying the corrupted.
  • Invasions (from level 50): Take part in PvE invasions, in which you save a city from the approaching corruption by registering with the bulletin board. A lot of Azoth is waiting for you as a reward.

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What is Azoth good for?

The consumption of Azoth often increases with increasing character level, because you have already unlocked many fast travel points and can therefore use the fast travel more often. But there are other areas where Aztoh comes into play.

For these activities you need Azoth:

  • Fast travel: For every fast travel (apart from the journey to your own house or to the guest house) you pay Azoth. The base cost is 50 Azoth. In addition, you pay for the distance (removal costs) and your weight (load costs). In return, you get a faction discount if the area of fast travel belongs to your chosen faction.
  • Item creation: The more Azoth you use to enrich an item while crafting, the more likely it is to acquire attributes, effects or gems slots. You can spend between 0 and 75 Azoth for this process.
  • Reset weapon management values: If you are no longer satisfied with your weapon skills, you can reset them up to level ten for free. For each additional level you pay an increasing amount of Azoth.