Roller Blinds: An elegant decor item

It Is not hidden that installing roller blinds in your windows changes the overall look of your home. They bring out a minimal look. Roller blinds are one of the cost-effective ways to add sheer elegance, colour, and privacy to your home. You might be thinking about how to install everything. Here is your Complete Guide To Install Roller Blinds Perfectly

How to install roller blinds by yourself:

After you buy your roller blinds, there are a few steps to install them, but first, you must need some tools for the installation process. 

· Screw

· Drill and drill kit

· Measurement tape

· Pencil or marker

· Protection tools or coveralls

Now when you have already gathered all the tools you are going to use, start the procedure.

Measure your window:

Before starting the actual installation, take all the measurements of your window; mark the place where you want to hang your bracket. Take length and breadth. Use your bracket and mark up the holes.

Assemble the Roller blind:

Every roller blind comes with its kit. Assemble the roller blinds and take it’s measurement as well

Drill the holes:

Make the pilot drill holes for the brackets of the casing. If you are drilling a plaster wall using a masonry drill and an appropriate plug for it, If you are drilling on a wood wall, use a wall stud.

Attach the brackets:

Now attach the brackets, and secure them with screws that are in your custom kits.

Click the blind:

Click your blind and check the chain is on the same side as the chain bracket.

Make it child-safe( optional)

If you have a kid in your house, don’t forget to make it safe. Screw the p clip in the frame and insert the chain through the p clip. 

So, this was easy to install; pat yourself on your back for getting the job done all by yourself.

This was your Complete Guide To Install Roller Blinds. But how to pick a perfect roller blind for your home. There are so many options that can create confusion for you. But we have some suggestions you can consider before buying your roller blinds.

· Choose a fabric that gives a cozy feel to your space. Pair it with sheer fabric. Linen fabrics are the best ones to pair up with the roman ones. But don’t use print curtains with print blinds. Use a solid colour. 

· What purpose you are using your roller blinds? If you are using them to block out the sunlight, make sure you cover all of your windows and choose the colour accordingly. If you are trying to filter the sunlight, then a lighter colour fabric is the best option.

· Choose a waterproof blind for your kitchen and bathrooms. Moisture resistant fabrics are also available for that purpose.

· For a brighter look, buy a pattern blind it will change the look on a budget.

· Bring a motorized roller; it’s easy to open and close for wider and longer windows. 

Choose blind according to your purpose and make your space elegant, so your guests compliment you every time they visit.