There Are Three Myths About Tarot Card Readings Every Beginner Should be Aware of

Ordinary people are usually apprehensive when hearing the word ‘tarot’ because they think it means discussing the unknown.

Images of turbaned gypsies dotting side streets giving tarot card readings are immediately brought to mind, and the individual feels as if he is about to discover something that he should not.

Depending on which myths a person has been told, or taught to believe, in the past, determines what he thinks and feels about tarot.

The fact that humans have always been in fear of the arcane, or rather, of the things they cannot explain, is not surprising.

When you’re just learning about horoscopes and tarot readings and want to explore the art of cartomancy (using cards to predict the future) without conceiving fearful images in your mind, it’s time to dispel these myths.

How to Dispel 3 Tarot Myths – What Every Beginner Should Know

  1. Tarot Reading Can Only Be Done by ‘Gifted Ones’

To imply that only selected individuals can appreciate Michelangelo’s art in the Sistine Chapel would be like saying only selected individuals can look at Michelangelo’s work at the Vatican.

The art of tarot, or of cartomancy in general, is one that every man, woman and child can appreciate.

Everyone, as long as the willingness to understand the profound meaning of each card is there, can begin to explore the beauty of Tarot.

The most symbolic method of describing life experiences, challenges and overcoming obstacles has always been and will always be the way to explain what happens in every person’s life.

  1. Opening the Third Eye is Required To Read Tarot Cards

A person can read tarot cards without opening their third eyes.

Although people who have achieved enlightenment through meditation may be more perceptive when it comes to the interpretation of tarot card meanings, anyone who has access to tarot resources online or in the bookstores can begin reading them.

It’s easy to find tarot resources to use, as many of them can be purchased in bookstores and hobby shops across the country and the web.

  1. Older Tarot Cards Have More Power

The meaning of each tarot card remains the same whether you use a newly purchased deck or an old moldy one.

There is only one advantage to looking for used tarot cards at country fairs and in used book stores: the odds are that you’ll find the best quality.

The cardstock on which the artwork is printed is the material used to print the artwork. As such, the quality of the cardboard used to print the cards matters greatly if a regular user of tarot will be using the cards on a regular basis.

Reprints may have been made with inferior quality paper to save costs. Moreover, older versions may lack the artistic details found in the newer versions. It is the person doing the reading who is responsible for the interpretation of the cards.

To receive a better reading, one needs a thorough understanding of the meaning of each card.

Tarot Card Readings:

The Importance of Meditation Even if we can make the argument that anyone can own and use tarot cards, meditation is still a necessary step before a reader can begin reading the cards.

This means that the reader should not do a reading if he or she is stressed, angry, or depressed. Having the ability to block out the psychological noise of daily life for a few minutes can be helpful for calming the brain.

A person who is not high-strung can better comprehend anything that he reads from a tarot reader online or in other tarot resources if his perception is not impacted by all kinds of stress.