Top trending bathroom vanities of 2021 | bathroom vanities wholesale

You feel like you are in dire need of a refresh after all that is happening globally. Do you have some spare time? It’s the ideal time to look through your home and take down any outdated or tired design. Although a complete home remodel is not an easy task, it is possible to focus on one room.

Kitchen cabinets are constantly discussing bathroom vanities 2021. A bathroom vanity can make a significant impact on any bathroom. It can provide functional storage space or change the feel and look of your bathroom. You can make your bathroom a place where you enjoy spending time.

1.   White Vanity:

White vanities will always be in style, regardless of whether it’s 2021 or 2039. Vanities can go with any style or color of the bathroom. So, you can choose from modern bathroom vanities and rustic bathroom vanities.

2.   Grey Vanity:

Grey is durable as a color. However, it means it will look great for an extended period. Gray is our choice for classic colors in any room. It’s timeless and modern. So, this makes it a great option to consider when looking for bathroom vanities in 2021.

3.   Dark Vanity:

Dark vanity tops will bring out the drama in your bathroom design. The dark vanity can be contrasted with white tiles or paired with a more moody tone such as grey.

The dark vanity is stylish and always in fashion. But, it can be exhausting fast, so don’t do this if you plan to replace the bathroom vanities shortly. So, the dark vanity will still look clean and modern, but it will give your bathroom an air of sophistication and elegance thanks to its moody tone.

4.   Pink Vanity:

For 2021, pink is a hot color for bathroom vanities. Combine pink with gold and copper to create a bathroom you will love. Pink’s softness is soothing and relaxing. So, this color looks great with greys lighter than pink and even charcoals.

But just because it’s pink doesn’t mean it’s only for women. That doesn’t make it a feminine color. It’s quite the opposite. You can find moodier pinks with   attitude that range from robust to sobering.

5.   Open Shelves:

Modern bathroom vanities have open shelves that maximize space and give the bathroom an airy spa feel. Bathroom vanities wholesale invite you into space. It also gives your bathroom a cleaner edge. These vanities give your bathroom more space. So, if you use open shelves, make sure to place similar items together in coordinating baskets or bins. This will ensure that your room feels more organized and calm and not chaotic.

6.   Floating Vanity:

A floating vanity is a timeless design that is trendy and is a favorite of modern bathroom vanities. You can use it in small bathrooms to open up space and make it seem more significant. Since they don’t extend to the floor, floating vanity gives the illusion of taking up less space and creating additional floor space. So, they allow you to stand closer, which means that they take up less space when you’re in the toilet.

7.   Minimalist vanity:

These vanities are not only cheaper than traditional bathroom vanities but also easier to put in. These doors and handles are ideal for small bathrooms or those on a strict budget.

8.   Double Sink Vanity:

A bathroom vanity with double sinks is the way to go if your bathroom screams luxury and money. There’s nothing more striking than entering a bathroom to find two sinks. So, double up on the sinks can make your bathroom look amazing, regardless of whether two people use it at once.

9.   Vintage Vanities:

To reflect lots of light, combine a vintage vanity with lots of white and a large mirror. So, you can also pair them with beautiful ceramic patterned tiles to bring some color to your bathroom.

10. Re-Purpose Dressers:

Re-purposing a dresser is a great way to save money on bathroom vanities. So, this is an inexpensive alternative to high-end bathroom vanities. So, custom bathroom vanities are an unmatched joy.

11. Marble Topped Vanity:

A marble-topped bathroom vanity looks stunning. Although they may cost more than a laminate, they are well worth the extra expense. You can’t beat their quality.

12. Vanity with Floor to Ceiling mirror:

A vanity with a floor-to-ceiling mirror is an alternative to the standard bathroom mirrors 2021. This adds an extra dimension to your bathroom design and is a trending topic. So, modern bathroom vanities that are surrounded with light-reflecting mirrors look more glamorous. So, you can instantly make your bathroom appear bigger, brighter, and more expensive by using as many mirrored surfaces as you want. This will allow you to look better and be able to get dressed faster.

13. Frame Vanity:

Bathroom vanity frames are stylish and elegant. It is simple and elegant. So, this is an excellent option for modern bathroom vanities. They are sleek and stylish but still have a lot of visual impacts.

How to buy Bathroom vanities wholesale?

Bathroom vanities and cabinets are what can make or ruin a bathroom. So, you want to create a space that will be remembered for many years when you buy a bathroom. The best way to do it? So, you have the option of choosing from a range of cabinet styles and colors to create the right mood for your guests.


Bathroom vanities wholesale can be daunting to bathroom paint with colorful colors, but it is possible to have fun and look stylish. So, this is especially true when it comes to smaller spaces, such as bathrooms or powder rooms. Even if your plans for a remodel are not in the immediate future, you will want to repaint the bathroom after you see the beautiful bathrooms.