Types of Commercial Fire Damage

A commercial fire can have devastating consequences. Fire and smoke damage can permeate every nook and cranny, even the smallest of spaces. As a business owner, you may feel overwhelmed and wonder if anything can be done to re-establish your business to pre-fire condition. At Restoration 1, we offer top level sevice that can help restore both your home and your business. Here are some of the types of commercial fire damage that we can handle with ease, no job too large or small.

Water Damage

There is likely substantial water damage in a burned business where water sprinklers have been engaged. The sprinkler system can effectively manage flashover fires that have grown using considerably less water than a firefighter’s hoses. Still, nonetheless, things will get wet(which means a wet mess left behind). Another problem associated with water damage is the possibility of mold and mildew development.

Ash Residue

When ash and soot occur in a building, it will get on everything, making it one of the hardest things to clean up following a fire. Furniture, office equipment, walls, and ceilings can be damaged by ash. Harmful toxic soot particles in air vents, HVAC systems, and crawl spaces need to be addressed or they can linger and ruin air quality, causing problems (especially for those with breathing issues).

Smoke and Chemical Odors

No doubt there will be exceptionally strong odors from smoke and different chemicals. When things like electronics burn, many chemicals are then released into the air, making pervasive and persistent odors that need top level sevice to eliminate. Maximum-strength professional cleaning supplies are imperative to eliminate these odors.

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Smoke Damage

Smoke doesn’t destroy rooms or possessions like fire, but it still causes detrimental effects. Wet smoke damage is thick, and black, and leaves a sticky greasiness that is frustrating to clean. If not addressed promptly, wet smoke damage can cause corrosion in metal items. 

High-temperature fires that are started by wood or paper cause dry smoke. This damage doesn’t smell as strongly as other types, and instead of a sticky residue, this damage is powdery. It can get into small porous places, including wiring, causing electrical damage.

Fuel smoke arises from burnt gas or oil and has a strong foul-smelling odor that is unpleasant. Smoke from fuel fires can ruin fabrics and carpets quickly.

After a fire, the faster you begin a professional restoration, the lesser the damage. Within minutes discoloration can occur. Within a day following a blaze, discoloration and stains could become permanent. To increase your ability to salvage materials and get back to your business quickly, the key is a quick response from restoration professionals who will be thorough from top to bottom. With top level sevice from Restoration 1, we will inspect, clean and restore so that you can get back to normal. To get an assessment of the damage to your business, contact Restoration 1 at https://www.restoration1.com/contact-us/; we are ready to help 24/7.