5 Upgrades Your Commercial Electrician Can Perform

The electrical system is the heart of your commercial building. After all, you and your tenants are not likely to get much accomplished in a day if the electricity suddenly stops functioning. Without a doubt, there is no better way to ensure that the electrical system continues to function properly than to trust all your needs to a qualified commercial electrician. 

Are You Considering Upgrades?

Maintaining your electrical system so it continues to function as needed is a critical part of managing a commercial property, but maintenance isn’t the only kind of task you should trust in your electrician. Whenever you require a new electrical device or service installation, you should contact your electrician to ensure the upgrade is performed to the highest possible standards.  

But you might also be interested in learning more. Here are five upgrades to the electrical services for commercial properties that a commercial electrician can easily perform.

1. Running New Wiring

Depending on the age of the building, new wiring might be an absolute necessity to keep the occupants (and your building) safe. Not only will date wiring cause inconveniences throughout the day, but it’s also a serious fire hazard. This is a major task, but it’s something a commercial electrician can easily tackle; they’ll make sure to meet the unique demands of the building and its tenants.

2. Upgrading from a Fuse Box to a Breaker

Similarly, if you are planning on upgrading from a fuse box to a breaker panel, a commercial electrician should be involved in the switch. This upgrade is a wise move as breaker panels are safer and more convenient to maintain and reset should the need arise. The upgrade may mean you’re on the right side of code compliance, too.

Recruiting a professional in this situation is essential as they will be familiar with large-scale upgrades. Remember that an improperly installed breaker (or wiring) can result in a fire, and there’s also a risk of shock or electrocution.

3. Environmental Retrofits

Keeping ahead of the curve by implementing environmental upgrades will save you money on your energy bills while catching the eye of potential eco-savvy customers and tenants. A commercial electrician can help you with an LED retrofit, which strategically offers optimal light, they can also assist with the installation of energy-saving solar panels.

4. New Signage

Signage is crucial for any brick-and-mortar location; it’s what catches the eyes of passersby. If you’ve been debating installing illuminated signage, it’s important to connect with a commercial electrician who’s innately familiar with the nuances of LED sign installation. LED signage is a fantastic upgrade — it really makes your business stand out on the strip!

5. Installing UV Lights in HVACs

A lesser-discussed upgrade is the installation of UV lights into your commercial property’s ductwork. This upgrade offers reassurance and comfort to your tenants. These powerful UV lights can kill mold, allergens, harmful viruses, and other bacteria. It’s a unique upgrade that only experienced electricians are equipped to manage. 

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Connecting with a commercial electrician for large-scale projects is paramount to their success. Failing to recruit a team that is equipped with the knowledge, tools, and expertise to manage commercial upgrades could see them failing — to the detriment of your property.