Did You Know There Are Invoice Apps Specifically for Freelancers? Learn More Here

If you work as a freelancer, you can better spend your time by taking advantage of freelance-based software applications. In fact, you can find applications that are solely designed for the entrepreneur – apps that make it easy to keep track of time and invoicing. If you want to focus more on your work and less on administrative tasks, this software is made especially for you.

Customize Your Invoices

Your freelancer invoice can also be customized, so you can make your billing both memorable and brand-friendly.This feature not only keeps your client in the fold, it also increases your credibility online. Each customized invoice allows you to present your business in the best way possible.

Synchronize Your Work Activities

What is great about these applications is that they can be synchronized. Therefore, you can track your time for your freelance projects and fuse the information into your client’s invoices. The tracked hours you log then can be transferred onto a bill in just a few swift clicks.

In addition, your clients can pay in one of several ways – by debit or credit card, through PayPal or by ACH. You can also bill clients throughout the world, as the invoicing can be set up in one of a large number of currencies.

Make Things More Transparent

By using today’s invoice apps for freelancers, you can also make everything more clear for your clients. By tracking your time and listing the tasks, they can easily see how their project time is being spent.

You can record the time spent on your projects with the use of dropdown labels or include notes, as needed. Let’s face it, the more your clients know, the better. And this kind of knowledge builds both trust and respect.

Make Sure You Get Paid for Everything You Do

As a freelancer, you already know that, if you are working on several projects, it is difficult to keep current on each client’s invoice. By using a freelance-based app, you can stay well-managed and organized. The program outlines what needs to be charged and what already has been billed. It also will show the tasks that are done and what payments are still due.

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What You Need to Ask

When choosing a freelance-based software package, you need to ask several questions, all which are important for getting the most out of an application.

  • What does the software cover in terms of billing, services, and customer relationship management?
  • Does time tracking support billing?
  • Can invoices be customized?
  • Is the software user-friendly?
  • How can the software support my business?
  • Will the software improve my client relationships?

If you can answer the above questions to your satisfaction, you have found a program that will work for you. Don’t overlook the advantages of using a freelance-focused software program for tracking time and billing clients. Not only will the software help you expand your freelance business, it will keep you better organized.

Choose an All-Inclusive Package

Use a software program that offers:

  • Client relationship management (the core of your business),
  • Project management (which helps manage your tasks)
  • Accounting (simplified bookkeeping)
  • Contracts and, proposal templates (for winning business)
  • Calendaring (to make appointment dates)
  • Billing (to get paid faster)
  • Time tracking (to support the time spent on work)
  • Collaboration (to improve client communications)
  • Scheduling (to make the best use of time)

One Final Observation

You only need one go-to program when you work as a freelancer. As long as you choose an all-inclusive program that covers all your bases, you can’t help but realize more success personally and professionally.