Electric Fireplaces – How to Purchase the Right Unit for Your Home

When you want to buy an electric fireplace, there is so much to consider. The dimensions, specifications, compatibility issues, features, and other details may confuse even a savvy homeowner. But if you keep reading, you will get essential tips that can save you painful headaches, time, and money.

What Special Features Should You Consider?

The special features you should consider are:

  1. Heating timer
  2. Remote control
  3. Adjustable flame contrast
  4. Realistic flame
  5. Smoke effect
  6. Auto thermostat control
  7. Multiple setting for heat
  8. Safety turnoff switch

Tips for Buying a Suitable Appliance

Use the following tips when shopping for led electric fireplaces for your home or office:

1. Electric Inserts vs Freestanding Electric Fireplaces

When deciding on which electric fireplace to buy, you may be caught in between these two options, but they are very distinct. Freestanding styles are just what they are – you can position them in a corner or on a wall. Electric inserts, on the other hand, are inbuilt units arranged inside a pre-existing fireplace. 

Inserts usually fit perfectly into the cavity of a pre-existing fireplace. But it is good practice to measure the cavity before purchasing an insert. This will ensure that they are compatible.

Furthermore, if you prefer a movable fireplace, a freestanding appliance will be your best option because of its portability. You can unplug and move it to your basement, bedroom, or kitchen. It’s also great for renters as they can change apartments and take the appliance when they move.

2. Heat Measurements and Room Dimensions

The heating capacity of an electric fireplace is between 4000 to 10000 BTUs. This can heat up between 400 to 1000 sq. feet. A high BTU rating indicates a high heating capacity. 

Most power outlets in the US are 120V rated at fifteen amps, and the standard sq. foot to watts ratio is 1:10. This will help you determine the dimension of the space your appliance can heat up. You must verify these little details before buying a heating appliance.

3. Plug-In vs Hardwired

Electric fireplaces have two power supply options: hardwired and plug-in. The hardwired option utilizes a current of 240V and requires an electrician who will connect the appliance directly to your home’s power supply. The plug-in option runs on a 120V wall outlet. 

Because inbuilt units require a higher voltage to function, they generate more BTU. Hardwired inserts generate about 9600 BTUs, which is sufficient to heat up a thousand square foot space. You can visit https://www.eia.gov/energyexplained/units-and-calculators/british-thermal-units.php to learn more about BTUs.

4. Matching Décor

Although functionality is prime, your appliance should match the décor in your home. An antique and vintage home should not incorporate a contemporary style. The arena is already nostalgic, so you need an appliance that will blend with that style. 

Instead of sticking out, the appliance should blend into your home. There are various styles for different homes – contemporary, modern, and traditional.

5. Choose Quality Brands

As with all consumer products, you should do a background study before making a purchase. There are some big names in the industry and you may want to find out why they stand out. The manufacturer you buy from should not have issues like recalled products. They should also have a track record of reliability and safety.

Facts About Electric Fireplaces

Fireplace Buying Guide | Lowe's Canada

Here are a few facts about electric fireplaces that may interest you:

1. They Do Not Burn with Real Flames 

The flames are created using visual LED screens like a TV, or light from bulbs that are refracted on the screens to give impressions of flickering flames.

2. You Do Not Need a Vent or Chimney Before Installation

The flames are not real; hence, no gases or smokes are generated. This implies that you do not need to have a chimney. Even homes where chimneys and open fireplaces already exists, you can still install an electric fireplace. This level of flexibility allows you to install the appliance anywhere in your apartment. 

Electric fireplaces come in various models designed for different locations. They include the following:

  1. TV stand models
  2. Models specifically designed for corners
  3. Wall-mounted models
  4. Freestanding units
  5. Fireplace inserts for direct placement in an already existing cavity

With the wide range of models, there is one for every home. If you do not have enough floor space, you can opt for a wall-mounted or TV stand model.

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3. They Require a Nearby Socket

The appliance requires a wall outlet to supply electric current. However, the outlet should be very close to where you want to site the appliance. Do not connect it to an extension cable; instead, plug it directly into the socket. You can click here to get more tips for buying an electric fireplace.


Electric fireplaces are portable appliances that you can install anywhere even if you do not own a home. They are very different from the traditional fireplaces and they offer a lot of benefits. Before you purchase one, ensure you read through the tips we shared above.