Feel At Home: How To Personalise A Rented Condo Without Breaking Any Rules

If you love watching renovation shows and exploring websites like Pinterest that have
a plethora of images filled with beautiful homes and interior design tips, you’ll likely
feel the desire to personalise your own space. However, if you are renting your
property, that can be rather difficult to pull off without breaking any rules. The good
news is, there are a few tips that you can try to make your space feel more like home,
without crossing paths with your landlord. Here’s what you need to know…

  1. Personalise your window treatment 

If your rented condo has tired blinds or some old, warn out curtains, then you can personalise the space by upgrading them. 

You can always ask your landlord or real estate agent if they’d be prepared to fund this change / or go halves with you. Otherwise, you can keep the old blinds and put them back up if and when you decide to move on. 

  1. Add plenty of plants and greenery 

While you might not be able to have pets in your rented condo, nobody can stop you from furnishing it with plenty of plants and greenery. This is the perfect way to inject more life into your space, create a more soothing and comfortable environment to thrive in, and even purifying the oxygen that you breathe. It’s a win-win across the board!

  1. Utilise your wall space 

You don’t have to hammer in nails or drill any holes to decorate your wall space. There are many non-invasive means of hanging pictures and artwork, such as using adhesive hooks. 

Again, there’s no harm in speaking to your landlord and asking if you can change up the colour scheme and repaint the walls. They may welcome the change. 

  1. Throw down a beautiful rug 

Throwing a beautiful rug down is a great way of adding a nice, new feature to your space without having to make any structural changes. You can simply roll it out, enjoy it, and then take it if and when you decide to leave. Not only will this help you to personalise your space, but it can add an element of warmth and cosiness as well.

  1. Clever furniture / storage solutions 

If your rented condo feels a bit bare, then invest in some clever furniture and storage solutions. Something like having a bathroom vanity or a nice book case installed can give you the perfect place to showcase your favourite belongings, reduce clutter, and add a little bit of your personality. 

Again, you might even be able to negotiate then with moving into a new condo. For example, if you were to be looking at an apartment in The Circle Sukhumvit 31, your new landlord may be open to buying some new furniture in exchange for a longer rental agreement, etc. After all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!