Gambling On The Internet: A Handy Primer


The Internet has become a critical tool for poker enthusiasts to organize and play rounds. While poker rounds played on websites usually have differences from real-life games, there are still plenty of interesting things to take away from online gambling. Hence, we have introduced a few handy tips to get amateur players started on Internet gambling.

The first thing to note for potential Internet gamblers is the choice of platform. For instance, some Internet sites can host rounds of poker, for owners of bank accounts and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Poker applications are available for mobile phones, this is a good option for online poker players who are busy and prefer to gamble on-the-go.

Poker’s essential rules tend to be unchanging – rather, the difference between online and offline gambling is the diversity of mediums through which players can play poker.

Poker websites

Many poker players are initially attracted to the game’s opportunities to boost social status. The online sites that offer poker are one convenient way to access this social status: due to the use of advertising and public relations to boost the prestige of this game, online poker has become a good way to become an important and valued person. In addition, poker’s formal status as a sport ensures that it can be advertised. Website-based poker may also expend resources on pulling people to their site rather than offering good incentives for new players. Hence, this form of poker may provide fewer benefits to players.

Online Casino

The alternative to poker websites is online casinos: these casinos offer a variety of games for potential players. Casinos offer the space and the resources used for gamblers to play these games, and therefore a wide variety of games is the main distinguishing characteristic of this type of casino.

However, because of the complex nature of online casinos, a variety of specialists are needed to create one: for instance, software creators are needed to make the code for the games and the main website, while search engine specialists can promote the site on the Internet. In addition, marketing specialists are needed to craft the main characteristics of the casino. These tasks make online casinos difficult to create, but they can be divided and delegated for a portion of your overall revenue. In particular, you should focus on your software development as this task will determine how well your website can function.

Bitcoin Casino

Cryptocurrencies have allowed online casinos to reduce their flaws while offering better services. The reduced expenses and instantaneous speeds of processing for cryptocurrencies mean that we can transfer money directly to agencies in casinos instead of going through the delays and extended waiting times of conventional banks. Finally, crypto can help us balance games better because players can verify whether the result is truly a result of random chance or if it was a result of external interference. Cryptocurrency-based casinos rely on predetermined numbers generated by the algorithm of said cryptocurrency. As a result, websites do exist to check the reliability of these outcomes.


Cryptocurrency-based casinos, therefore, offer significantly more bonuses than their cash-based online counterparts. Free rounds and incentives are the main methods of attracting potential players: these bonuses allow for the direct transfer of financial incentives to one’s account. Websites also exist to track the specific casinos which offer these bonuses.

There are many different types of bonuses available. For example, registration bonuses involve cash-back deals that return a part of the deposit in cryptocurrency, as well as bonus spins free-of-charge and direct incentives.

Bonuses can also be given on key dates like important holidays and personal birthdates. Incentives can be given in the form of access to large-scale rounds with a lot of money to be won, or even increasingly valuable jackpots.

Cryptocurrency-casino sites

The most attractive aspect of bitcoin casinos is undoubtedly their lack of centralized authority. This also means, however, that fraudsters naturally seek out cryptocurrency casinos to defraud potential customers. While this is a natural outcome for cryptocurrency and inevitable to a certain extent, customers can still safeguard their assets on these sites by identifying a few key facts about potential websites. The most important of these facts is whether the opening of the casino dates back to 2016. Below is a list of websites at which amateurs can start their casino journey.

Cloudbet – established 2013

This cryptocurrency-casino is one of the earliest surviving establishments of its kind. The casino is known as a prominent pillar of the industry.

FortuneJack – established 2014

FortuneJack has established a prominent position within the cryptocurrency casino industry and has recently diversified into sports bets. This prominent and well-established fixture of cryptocurrency casinos also offers the option for real-time rounds played on special servers in addition to the normal mode of gambling.

7bit – established 2014

7bit’s minimalist design and neon highlights do not prevent a stream of visitors to this site, and it is renowned for its high processing speed and minimal lag on servers. 

Mobile Poker Applications

Poker applications for handheld devices were once a massive part of the industry, but they have since become diminished due to several reasons. The process of creating poker apps takes both high levels of investment and assets as well as a long time to produce. This means that there are far fewer opportunities to take on these apps than there once were. In addition, the time-consuming nature of application installation makes comparisons between apps extremely tedious. Finally, the degree to which applications are suitable to use on multiple platforms may pose issues that websites simply sidestep.

While handheld devices retain the relative advantages of reduced need for network connectivity, as well as brighter color palettes, the modern Internet revolution has reduced the need for such things. These applications are therefore relics of a bygone era, unneeded in the modern age.

Tournament websites

Almost all websites which offer competitive rounds with online players that are not casinos are likely to be criminal! They may offer multiple rounds with different rewards structures but are in general unsafe.

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This overview of different gambling platforms will surely allow users to choose wisely and find the right place to spend their gambling time! We wish you the best of luck and happy dealing!