High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets Pros and Cons

With the trend of modern and contemporary designs, high-gloss cabinets are a stylish choice for kitchens. This finish often aids in making homes appear more cutting edge among their peers with traditional styles that may not be able to match up as well aesthetically or functionally when it comes down to design elements like these sleek metal shelves we’ve seen recently on Instagram!  While there has been some debate around whether this type of material would work best in classic spaces.

I think you’ll find many homeowners get their desired effect by mixing both seemingly opposite aesthetics – something. A high gloss finish can be excellent if you want your new space to feel sleek and fresh – perfect against all those white appliances! However, it may not work as well with more traditional looks because these types tend to look dated after a while due to their heavy use of dark colors like black which just doesn’t seem very appealing anymore once they’ve been up against so much daylight before being covered by curtains at night time.

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What is a high-gloss finish?

High gloss finishes have been one of the most popular choices for contemporary kitchens because they were first introduced in the 1970s. One type, known as ultra-high or 100% gloss can be applied on kitchen cabinets with materials such as wood and metal to give it an even more beautiful reflection when looking from different angles which will reflect light at you giving off it is own depending upon what’s being used!

Advantages of high gloss

Light reflection

High gloss finishes can make a small or dark kitchen seem larger and brighter. They reflect light making it feel open, bright without feeling too warm in the summertime! High-gloss also offers advantages for people who don’t have much natural light because of its reflective properties which allow more rays from entering your space with less absorption by cabinets this will result in greater illumination overall – something perfect if you’re looking to add some pizazz into an otherwise dim place.


A high gloss kitchen cabinet is easy to clean and can always remain like new. A non-scratch damp cloth will be enough for wiping off any marks or stains that may appear on these surfaces, as they are scratch-resistant.


Waterproof kitchen cabinets are a good option for those looking to protect their investments.. They will not need any special treatment and can last much longer than other types of finishing when it comes down to the longevity issue in general because water does not affect them at all!

Modern feel

 As you work for the living room furniture because that enhances the look of the home and makes it modern. Same modern kitchens are alluring and lavish, which is why high-gloss cabinet finishes give them the right touch.

Variety of designs

High-gloss kitchen cabinets are a great way to bring elegance and beauty into your home. They can be customized with different colors, designs for that perfect finishing touch! High-gloss kitchen cabinets are a simple way to spice up any outdated space. You can use them with other materials such as quartz and stainless steel for an elegant look. Or combine the white ones in combination with wood for cozy Contemporary design elements.

High gloss surfaces are mostly used with modern living room furniture. Because it gives you more warmth while still looking clean due to their sleekness – perfect when paired together! Same it works in your kitchen. There is no right answer here since every person has different preferences but don’t hesitate to get creative by mixing colors too; it’s almost guaranteed that this will make your cooking area feel spacious again while also giving off elegance from time spent on Pinterest

Disadvantages of high-gloss finishes

Light reflection

High gloss reflects light, making scratches and dirt more noticeable. Dark-colored cabinets will make the imperfections stand out even in dark kitchens where you usually wouldn’t see them because they’re not as reflective on lighter colors like white or yellow which can create an optical illusion when it comes to seeing what’s under your nose! Stay away from these if cleaning often isn’t appealing though; while there are ways around this problem (like using cabinet liners), staying tidy is easier with lower surface reflectivity products available now too. 


For a high-gloss finish, you will need to clean your cabinet periodically. This is because fingerprints and dirt on the surface are easy for the eye to see in contrast. So,  with its smoothness which makes it more susceptible to smudges or scratches too!


A high-gloss finish is more costly than other finishes because it’s popular among homeowners. It costs more to apply and maintain this type of surface. But luxury items are worth the investment in quality materials that last longer for your home.


High-gloss finishes are popular for their modern feel and the variety of designs that can be achieved. The biggest downside is light reflection. So, which may show all imperfections in your kitchen cabinets (especially if you live near a window). It’s also important to keep them clean because dirt will stick more easily with a high gloss finish. Be sure to get samples before making any decisions!  best urban skates.

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