How Can Small Businesses Benefit from Digital Technology?

Many budding entrepreneurs ask this question, as they feel that there is more to digital technology than they are currently aware of and in this article, we highlight some of the ways that a business might benefit from the latest digital technology.

Voice over Internet Protocol 

VoIP enables video and audio data to be transmitted on the Internet, which is much cheaper than traditional telecommunications. If you are paying a fortune to telecom corporations for your business communication, you can save a lot of money by switching to VoIP solutions. Top VoIP platforms include Zoom and Skype and by contacting a managed IT services provider, you can enjoy a free demo of VoIP and the provider can set up a VoIP system for you to use.

Search engine optimization 

SEO involves optimizing a website for search engines and there are several strategies to do that. Millions of people use Google’s search engine to source products and services, which means your website needs to be optimized for Google searches in order to drive traffic from all search engines. One test that you can do is search with Google for your products and see where your website ranks. If, for example, your site is on page 22 of search results, then you can’t expect any organic traffic from Google. Hire the best advertising agency in Thailand to head up an SEO campaign and you won’t regret it.

Digital logistics 

Digital tech has changed the logistics sector; using GPS, it is now possible to track a parcel in real time. Customers no longer need to call the supplier to ask where their consignment is; they simply paste their package ID into a search window and in seconds, its location is revealed. 

Social media marketing  

Social media giants like Facebook offer great marketing opportunities for small businesses and the best way to explore that is to hire a digital marketing agency, that has a team of social media marketers that can work their magic. Of the many social media platforms out there, Facebook offers the best in terms of marketing potential; there are millions of Facebook users around the world and with some professional help, you can get some great results. Click here for everything a small business owner should know about insurance.

Cloud data storage 

Rather than storing all your business data on your office hard drives, why not migrate to the cloud? It is much safer, as the provider uses state-of-the-art cyber-security and you and your employees can access your data from any location, using any digital device. Talk to a managed IT services provider about the cloud and they will be happy to show you the many ways that cloud-based storage can help you.

Digital tech is like a freight train, in that it just keeps on going down the development track and the sooner you implement some of the above, the more efficient your company will be.