What Do I Need to Enroll in a Business School in Rochester?

If you’ve been thinking of improving your tomorrow, then you want to attend a school that is dedicated to lifting people up. 

For many schools, the most important thing is your tuition but at the Rochester Business Institute, the most important thing is you. Inspiring a brighter future through knowledge and entrepreneurship is the best way to invest in people.

So, if you’re thinking about your future and it includes the Rochester Business Institute then you may be wondering about the admissions process. Enrolling in the Rochester Business Institute couldn’t be easier. Here’s what you need to know. 

Create an Account and Complete the Application

The first step in the admissions process is for you to create an online account and password to log in. Once you’ve established an account, you can begin to fill out the online application for admission to the Rochester Business Institute. Unlike many other schools, there is no fee to apply. If something comes up, you can save your work and return it when it’s convenient. 

Education Transcripts

Next, you’ll upload any prior education transcripts. If you have no prior college experience, that’s ok. You can self-report your high school grade point average at the time of graduation along with any prior work experience that may be relevant. It is an application so we ask for detailed information that can be verified. 

Introductory Statement and Interview

After completing the application, it’s time to schedule an interview. You should be ready to talk about your goals and what drives you to apply for admission to the Rochester Business Institute. The interview can be completed via video chat and you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may still have about attending the Rochester Business Institute. 

While our tuition is well below the industry standard, financial assistance is available and you can ask questions about it during your interview. Many prospective students find that our tuition is low enough that it does not present a financial burden for them. Our goal is to empower people through knowledge, and we don’t want the tuition to get in the way

No SAT or ACT Scores Needed

Unlike many other schools, the Rochester Business Institute does not require SAT or ACT scores. We do not use the score on some randomized tests to determine admission. You only need to complete the other requirements and have the right attitude to become a part of the Rochester Business Institute. 

Once you have completed the other simple requirements, it’s time to sit back and wait on a decision. You’ll be notified of the admission decision within 10 business days.

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Enroll in the Rochester Business Institute Today

Just waiting for the future to happen isn’t enough. You’ve got to take action to improve your tomorrow. If you’re ready to enroll in the Rochester Business Institute, then you can complete the simple application today and schedule your interview. We can’t wait to empower motivated individuals to improve their futures and expand their opportunities. Enrolling in the Rochester Business Institute is the best way to inspire your inner leader and expand your horizons.