How do you choose between a Natural Wood Table and an Epoxy Resin Table?

The emergence of resin material could confuse many furniture consumers who like to go for either classic wood pieces or trendy resin wood tops. When it comes to tables, in particular, both resin and wood come with perks and cons. The lustrous brilliance and enticing appeal of an epoxy resin table have won the heart of many consumers. Still, inquiries like, ‘is resin stronger than wood?’ or ‘Do resin tables scratch easily?’ have become typical concerns. Keep reading – we’ll answer these questions and more so that you may buy with confidence.

Built To Last

Resin wood tables survive longer and have a high degree of realism and texture that reflects natural wood. As the resin is impenetrable to ultraviolet light and corrosion-resistant, a resin wood table is significantly more durable than a wood table.

Wide Variety of Designs and Color

The best part about resin wood tables is they come in a broad choice of colors and styles. The alternatives are infinite and beyond conception. You can have a pleasing glossy finish and a natural, rich appearance of maple, teak, cherry, say, or oak wood. On the flip side, you can also obtain that tactile feel of granite or marble or the contemporary style and brilliant color of polypropylene.

Easily Maintained

Unlike wood tables, resin wood tables are easier to maintain. A piece of cloth and a modest amount of soapy water can do the trick. You may also use any ordinary glass cleaning liquid (e.g., Colin) to keep the table clean or rub off the surface with furniture polish and a soft rag to make the table seem new.


Houseofshrinay Resin wood tables are particularly lightweight compared to regular hardwood tables. The weight might range anywhere between 9kgs to 13kgs, depending on the size of the table. Even with a large table, the resin is lighter than wood, which means resin wood tables may be transported simply and need less labor.

Pros of Natural Wood Tables


Wooden tables are robust and highly durable. A good-quality wooden table can last a lifetime if handled carefully. Each piece is meticulously created with tonnes of care and attention, which shines through in each piece’s overall design.

High Quality

Wooden tables are a premium product. From hand-chosen trees to workmanship, the lengthy process of cutting, sanding and adding a protective covering of wax, oils, and even stain needs much of labor. One unique feature about wooden tables that set them apart from resin tables is their tell-tale creak, which often comes as a warning indication that repair is needed.

Intricate wood patterns and rare colors make these pieces one-of-a-kind

Wood from the same tree can yield a wide range of patterns and colors, even in tables made from the same wood. Because of their individuality, hardwood tables are one-of-a-kind, and certain hues are even hard to come by. Resin tables, on the other hand, may readily be duplicated by using the same colors and designs.

Warmth Is Added to the Environment

Furniture made of wood, such as tables, has functioned as a symbol of social status and luxury for many generations. A high-quality hardwood table adds a particular atmosphere to a room because of its warm hues and texture. A resin wood table can’t achieve the same appearance. To put it simply, a wood table is a classy piece of furniture no matter where you put it.