How to enhance one’s creativity

Creativity is one of the most essential qualities for every person. It keeps one engaged and makes them better. Creativity keeps a person’s mind active. Creativity allows a person to view and solve problems. One can do so openly. Creativity is said to open the mind. A society that has lost touch with its creative side is like a person locked in a cell. It is therefore very important to preserve one’s creativity.

The sameness and lack of newness in a person’s life are said to negatively impact their creativity. Their ability to put ideas together in a new, or useful manner to solve complex problems is hampered. Creativity becomes better when a person is exposed to a new situation. For instance, in virtual reality creativity is likely to be affected more than anything else. People who are away from virtual reality show an increase in cognitive capability. This is an essential part of increased creativity. Child development and pedagogy makes a focus on enhancing the creativity of children.

Certain motivational quotes for students focus on the importance of creativity. It is because creativity in children is the most preserved. It is seen that Individuals who are more creative at the age of seven have higher earnings in their careers. They land better-quality jobs. Creativity in children boosts education and learning. Parents and mentors can foster creativity in children. They can encourage critical, independent thinking and help in recognizing creative benefits.

Here are some of the ways one can enhance creativity.

Reading Book

When we read, we can build up to become better. We expand our knowledge. We are also open to new ideas. We develop an understanding of new things. Reading makes us practice imagination. It lets the words describe a type of image while the reader adjusts the picture in the mind.

Books need active engagement and concentration. It completely absorbs one’s brain. It exercises one’s mind to read words, figure out what they mean. It also helps in figuring out why that thing was written that way. A person builds images, thoughts, and opinions in their head by just reading lines from the book. One is using logic and critical thinking to process and understand the concepts and ideas passed to them by the author. It will become easier as more a person trains your brain to concentrate. Better concentration allows to think clearly but it’s reading that leads to better detection.

Watching films/movies

The children who watch the magical scenes perform mostly better on the creativity tests than children who do not watch fantasy films.

Films are not just for entertainment,  but also allow creative magical thinking. It can be viewed as a better source of development. It leads to imagination and critical thinking in children. When a person watches a film, they’re not just being entertained. People are at the same time also admiring something beautiful. They are also learning about the world and themselves. They can connect with communities and contribute to good social change.


Painting helps in boosting memory recollection. It works to sharpen the mind through concept imagination and implementation. The painting also lets individuals give a chance to express their feelings and emotions. It is said to be tough to share up sometimes. Painting, therefore, is a great way to give way to inner thoughts.

Art involves a person on many different levels. It supports eye-hand movement and creativity. When children paint or mold shapes with clay, they make their self-esteem and learn how to find support in quiet activities.

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Maintaining creativity can be tough especially when the world has been shut due to pandemics. This has affected creativity in people and has reduced their creativity. One can take certain steps to keep one’s creativity alive.

Creative ideas are the result of one’s effort. A person’s effort to create the free-flowing atmosphere that stimulates their employees to reach into themselves for a brilliant solution. This generates good ideas and then can act on the best ones.

With efforts in the right direction, one can easily enhance their creativity. Reading books helps in imagining and makes a person better at creativity. Painting too helps in an overflow of emotions of a person.