Investing in Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins – Where to Buy Them From

Investing in money, stocks, or property has become a large part of the nation’s population. In the past 2 years due to the effects of the pandemic, people are starting to understand the need to put money aside for their and their family’s future. 

Many have followed the crowd and bought stocks or shares or applied for mortgages that may or may not be the best thing, as not everything you invest in is tangible and may take several years to show fruit.

The advantages of investing are many, but it depends on which direction you choose to go into. Some of these include:

  • Benefiting from a growing economy
  • It is easy to buy
  • You are not necessarily affected by inflation
  • If you want to sell you can

AAnd more information about this, which you can find here.

However, with everything, if you are not too careful, there may also be a risk of losing everything especially if you go the conventional way.

There are some other ways of investing besides the above-mentioned ones, and in this article, we will introduce to one that is stable and has a great potential of growth and helping you to save for your future in a steady manner – The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins

What the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins are

The majority of investors and collectors who are in the know and have been doing it for a long time, always choose to diversify their portfolios. This means they do not only invest in stocks, and shares, but they also choose coins over paper investments. 

In Canada, one such commodity is the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin. It is not only a desirable investment but has also been known to be one of the most stable forms. The reason it has this design is to commemorate its national symbol, which is the Maple leaf.

These are produced directly from the Royal Canadian Mint and have been in circulation since 1979 and can be bought from them too. But other licensed merchants sell them on their behalf. The content of each coin, i.e. its weight, quality, specifications and value are guaranteed by the Canadian government, so you are sure to be buying a genuine article.

They come in various shapes, designs and weights and the typical one’s weights are 22 karats. The reason one differs from the other is that they are based on seasonal events and series to make them attractive to investors. But the one thing that remains constant is the emblem of the maple leaf, which is unique to the country.

Amongst all the other coins found in other countries, this is one of the purest ones and is guaranteed by the mint to be at least 99.9% pure and even 100% on some occasions. They come in both silver and gold varieties. So where can you buy them if you’re not in Canada or are looking for places that sell them in your local area? 

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Where You Can Buy These Maple Leaf Coins

The main place, as mentioned above, is directly from the mint that manufactures and sells them. However not every country has one and if you buy from Canada and get it shipped to your country, the possibility of it being overpriced due to delivery costs and insurance may not be worth it. Some countries are also prohibited from buying certain items from other regions and shipping them. 

So where can you buy them from? There are a few other options namely:

Precious metal dealers and banks

These are merchants who offer both silver and gold coins and some of them may also have these coins in particular. If you find them online, you may need to pay slightly extra for shipping. The first place you can go to however is your local bank. Even though banks do not necessarily hold these or any other types of coins, there is a possibility you may find them there.

Gold dealers

One of the obvious places you may find them are at gold dealers too. If you are lucky they will even have some of the best prices for you, so you can continue buying from them for the next few years as new coins come into the market. If you do not buy from their brick-and-mortar stores, you can look for them online and they can deliver it to you at a minimum cost.

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Online retail stores

We don’t mean the typical consumer stores you would buy your clothes and shoes from, but rather specific gold or silver retail stores tend to sell them. Sometimes however you may need to do your homework when choosing the right one as not all of them are reasonably priced and you may need to purchase insurance for the coins as well.

In Canada, over the past few years the value of its currency has been fluctuating from a steady decline to an increase and a decline again, this articles historical timeline can give you an idea. With the uncertainty of where this will be in the next 5 years, banks, and other resellers are starting to consider stocking on other more tangible and steady commodities, and these coins are one of them. 

Investing in them is a sure way of diversifying your portfolio, which is a recommendation from top investors throughout the world. it holds an inherent value and has been seen to far exceed the value of most other assets over time.