Role of Online Courses in Improving the Creativity and Knowledge Sharing Aspects in the Classroom

Education is considered to be one of the most important public goods that is developed with the sole purpose of providing knowledge to the upcoming generation and ensuring that they are provided with the necessary skill set to survive in a competitive environment. In most cases the educational sector has undergone a significant amount of changes in the past few years with the start of the online education system as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. This has led to the development of a large number of best platform for selling online courses so that students can be provided with the necessary support required to complete and fulfill their educational objectives.

It is important to understand that through online education it has been possible to ensure that the future of the students was not compromised when the covid-19 pandemic happened resulting in lockdown that led to the people being closed and their homes for their own safety. Initially there were a lot of issues present regarding how to sell online course so that it can cater to the specific needs of each and every individual student. It is important to understand that despite the traditional educational systems that have been developed in society being effective at large, there were still a lot of problems present that were leading to students suffering from issues and not having their doubts cleared in the classroom. In most cases the curriculum that was developed by the school board’s and college institutions were often developed keeping in mind To develop support for the students basic understanding of the concepts. In most cases it was found that despite the curriculum developed keeping in mind inclusivity present, students still found it difficult to comprehend certain concepts and what was being taught in the classroom. 

This issue was significantly resolved with the start of the concept of online education as students were Now introduced to a new method of learning where modern technology was being effectively used to provide a better understanding of the concert to the students. Several studies have highlighted how a traditional mode of teaching fails to provide an incentive to the students to creative imagination and their Minds and work towards infusing creativity and innovation in their work. The reason being that in most cases traditional teaching methods fail to provide visualization to the students as the pictures given in the books of the diagrams drawn by the teachers are not enough to provide them with the much necessary resources that will push them towards being more creative. In such situations online courses become effective as most of these courses are infused with modern technology such as that of virtual reality and artificial intelligence which ensures that the students are always put on their toes and forced to think thereby leading to a development in their creative abilities.

Both the concepts of creativity and imagination are considered to be an effective tool that pushes the students towards being effective and efficient in the classroom and also enables them to learn skills quickly. It is only through imagination and creativity that a student can go on to develop something that may have a significant impact on the betterment of the society. It is because of these aspects that online courses are considered to be effective and efficient when it comes to providing support to the students and enabling them to become more creative.

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The impact creativity and imagination can have on the students life

It is important to understand that everything that we see around ourselves is a product of creativity and imagination. Starting from the invention of electricity to the invention of the internet itself, each of these developments has led to positive changes in the economy and has enabled us to become more efficient. It also helps in saving costs and saving time thereby ensuring that we can live A comfortable life. It is important that students of today be provided with the necessary resources so that they can become more creative and innovative and work towards developing innovations that will change their lives in the future.