Seven perfect spots to put your microwave in the kitchen

If you are considering a new microwave or already own one, it is vital to know where it is in the kitchen. The most common place to put a microwave is right on the counter or next to a stovetop. But, there are plenty of other options that can be functional and more aesthetically pleasing. This post is for those who want ideas on how to place their microwave in their kitchen space. 

Here is a compilation of all the perfect spots to set your microwave in your kitchen. So, opt for the one place that works best for you and your family! The seven places are:

  1. Under the counter
  2. Over the cooking range
  3. On the upper shelf
  4. On the base cabinets
  5. Tuck it in the kitchen island
  6. Built-in oven in cabinets
  7. Stack it on your oven wall
  8. Under the counter:

 Usually, cooking ranges have all the baking and steaming features, but a microwave is essential for quick cooking recipes. That is why having the oven near the cooking range is the best place to aid your cooking flow. Moreover, you can neatly fit your heating device under the counter, which will give a built-in look. But, remind yourself to unplug the device when using the counter. It will be the focal point of your kitchen cabinets in Schaumburg, IL. 

  1. Over the cooking range:

Smaller kitchens will benefit from this classic choice. In addition to serving as a hood vent, your microwave also functions as a microwave oven. Over-the-range microwaves are also excellent space-savers. But, note that they do not vent as well as stand-alone hoods. 

Furthermore, it takes up most of the space above your stove. So, it makes it challenging to have a unique tile feature above your stove. All in all, it’s a great way to use space, especially in a small kitchen. But make sure that it does not get the heat directly.

  1. On the upper shelf:

In general, shelves are a better choice for microwaves than counters. That is why a smaller oven is easy to place on the upper shelf than putting on the lower one. In this case, you will have to measure the accurate size of the upper shelf. Or you can get the microwave model that fits in your open cabinet boxes. Both ideas will work perfectly in your kitchen. Moreover, your electrician will extract the space for a safety plug. 

  1. On the base cabinets:

You can use the space in the lower cabinets in the same way as the upper shelves. So, you can put your microwave in the lower half of your counter space. But keep in mind that you will have to bed down to use that heating device. If that is no issue, then go for this idea. Moreover, it will leave some space in the lower half. So, use that space for base cabinets. As a result, it will offer support to your microwave. 

  1. Tuck it in the kitchen island:

If you already have a kitchen island, you can use its lower half for the oven. So, make space and tuck in the microwave. Also, get professional help with the electric plugin. Opt for the direction that suits you the most. In this spot, you will have to bend down to use the device.

  1. Built-in oven in cabinets:

The type of cabinetry you have is not a concern here. Whether you have an upper cabinet or the lower one, you can make the device look more built-in by adding a metal ring. In this way, the microwave will match the stainless steel cooking range. Generally, it is just an aesthetic choice. But, it will make it look built-in in a stylish way. Although, two heating devices are not a good idea due to emitting rays.

  1. Stack it on your oven wall:

This one is another best idea to place your microwave perfectly. If you have a heightened section in the kitchen, use that wall space to stack your heating device. It will come in line with the other appliances. Typically, it is possible in large-sized kitchens. This way, your Custom kitchen cabinets cooking range, and microwave will create a fantastic combo. 


Do you have a spot for your microwave in the kitchen? Is it still on the counter? We have compiled seven perfect locations for you. You can place it under-the-counter or stacked up high on built-in cabinets with metal rings. Or maybe you have space constraints from other appliances, so tuck it near those cabinets. No matter how much space you have, the microwave under the cabinets will make it crowded. So, choose any one of these spots for your device.