Top 5 Cases That Call for a Business Litigation Attorney

If you are running any business, you will need legal assistance at some point, and you need a professional team by your side to help plead your case. Parties can file lawsuits against small or massive corporations; the key is always to be prepared.

Here are the top five cases that call for a business litigation attorney. 

  1. Breach of Contract

One of the most likely reasons why entities seek business litigation attorneys is for help concerning contract breaches. You may want to sue a client, supplier, or another business for violating the terms you laid out in your contract. 

Such cases are usually responsible for affecting relationships and the business’s reputation. They can also cost the company a lot of money, calling for highly experienced services. Not only do the attorneys represent companies accusing other bodies of breaching contracts, but they also step in when you are the accused. 

  1. Breach of Fiduciary Duty

If you work in a company and have duties to handle, you should always perform them; otherwise, any violation or acting the contrary can lead to a lawsuit. Holding any office means that the institution has kept you in charge of all the assigned tasks and will require loyalty. Sometimes people fail to acknowledge this and stray, and the company can sue them for that. 

Businesses seek services from business litigation attorneys to hold such people accountable. If it is a large corporation, it may also involve suing partners and shareholders or board members.   

  1. Real Estate Litigation 

As a business, you may have invested in real estate, maybe bought land or rented property for your commercial use. The transaction in question may be massive, and you would want to understand all your rights to perform your due diligence. 

Business litigation attorneys can step in to make sure you are making the right and profitable move. They will also represent you when you have any issues with the real estate company. You and the seller may disagree over certain aspects, and only attorneys on both sides will help mediate. Lawyers can also advise you in matters of land disputes. 

  1. Partnership or Shareholder Litigation

There may also be clashes between the company and shareholders or partners, and there are various reasons for this. Mainly, it involves complaints that the individuals are not performing their designated tasks. If the person is not managing the business as expected or breaches fiduciary duties, the firm can make them accountable. When you contact a business litigation attorney, you can amicably solve the issues with the partner or shareholder, which benefits your company.  

  1. Tortious Interference of Business

Business torts are deliberate practices where another business or individual harms your company. The most common forms of tortious interference are defamation and fraud. 

Thankfully, business litigation attorneys know how to deal with such cases. Typically, the responsible parties are competing businesses that slander or make false statements hoping to harm another firm’s reputation. Conducting businesses under pretenses also amounts to deceptive trading and can lead to charges of unfair competition. 

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Hire Business Litigation Attorneys

Nobody wants to go to court to solve disputes with an individual or company, but sometimes it may be the only option that protects you or your business. If it matters to you, your company, or your staff, it is critical to seek professional and experienced legal representation; otherwise, your firm’s reputation and other people may suffer.