How Streamlined Projects Can Help Your Productivity – Use OKR for Microsoft Teams

Increasing employee productivity so as to realize results from the goals set is at the top of every business owner’s or manager’s mind. Productivity is generally a measure of output compared to the input and applies to labor, business capital, and any other resource. 

So, as a business, what can you do to improve productivity? 

Every business has its way of doing things, which is why most companies have onboarding for new employees in terms of how they teach them the ropes and help them settle into their relevant departments as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

In the workplace, this process is known as streamlining. When you streamline a process, you are basically simplifying it for everyone involved. 

Streamlining business projects can improve both short-term and long-term productivity, and you can do that using OKR for Microsoft Teams. That said, let us take a look at exactly how streamlined projects help with productivity. 

1. Reduced Errors and Delays

Streamlining your projects helps make sure each employee knows the goals set out and their specific role in the project. When everyone knows their work, there is zero chance of tasks overlapping and, therefore, wasting valuable time.

This working model also promotes transparency and consistency. So, you can reduce human errors and avoid unexpected delays in output, consequently increasing your team’s productivity levels. 

2. Better Operational Efficiency 

Streamlining business processes helps you find and cut out redundant or inefficient activities from your team’s day-to-day work. It also assists you to identify menial and repetitive tasks so that you can automate them. That, in turn, frees your employees so that they can focus on core project tasks.

By automating monotonous activities, you will find that employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity will improve significantly. 

3. Better Communication and Tracking 

Communication between different teams or departments becomes easier when you streamline projects. This improved communication helps project managers and team leaders track results and identify areas that need improvement.

With better communication, teams spend less time moving from one point to another as they receive their assigned tasks on time. 

4. Save Valuable Time

Time is money and there’s no place that phrase rings true more than in business. Streamlining the work you do on a daily basis can help you make efficient use of your most valuable resource.

For instance, by automating the approval processes, employees won’t have to wait for their supervisors or accounts teams to fill loads of paperwork just to approve their queries. All involved parties can simply get notifications on their workspaces making for a smooth, streamlined work process. 

5. Improved Quality of Work 

The quality of output matters just as much, or even more, as the quantity of work done. You want your employees to reach target numbers and also achieve the kind of results you need. If you have fewer errors, better operational efficiency, and greater employee engagement, the quality of work will automatically increase.

Basically, project streamlining, with your OKRs clearly outlined, creates a conducive environment to achieve desired results from your project objectives. 

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Want to Streamline Projects and Increase Productivity? Try OKR for Microsoft Teams

As you can see, streamlining projects will positively impact your team’s productivity immediately. And, with better productivity, you can achieve your project goals faster and much more efficiently. 

Microsoft Teams already makes collaboration and team organization easy. Now, with OKR software for Microsoft Teams, you to set priorities and communicate your objectives and key results (OKRs) to cross-functional teams and employees. So, you can achieve greater transparency, accountability, and performance.