Charged Particle 8 letters Crossword Clue

In this article, we will give the answer to Charged Particle 8 letters Crossword. We know that you have many words in mind for the answer to this crossword. But, you have to consider also count of characters. There are 8 characters for the clue. 

Answer of Charged Particle 8 letters Crossword Clue

The answer of Charged Particle 8 letters Crossword Clue is Electron. The electron has 8 characters and also it is charged with a negative charge. If this crossword clue has only 6 characters then we will consider the answer Proton. It has a positive charge.

More about Electron

Electrons are subatomic particles that have a negative electric charge. Electrons are found in atoms, and they are responsible for many of the properties of atoms, including chemical bonding and electrical conductivity. 

Electrons are also present in molecules, and they play a role in chemical reactions. In addition, electrons are responsible for the transfer of heat and light. Electrons are located in the space around the nucleus of an atom, and they orbit the nucleus in a nearly circular path. Electrons can move from one orbit to another when they absorb or emit energy. 

When electrons move from one orbital to another, they produce electromagnetic radiation. Electrons are important in the fields of electronics and electrical engineering. They are also used in the construction of particle accelerators. 

Electrons have a mass that is approximately 1/1836 that of a proton. Electrons are believed to be fundamental particles, and they are not thought to be made up of smaller particles.

What are other charged particles in the atom?

Another charged particle in the atom is Proton which has a positive charge. One more particle in the atom is the Neutron which has no charge. Let’s get more details on these both particles.


A proton is a subatomic particle with a positive electric charge. It is one of the three fundamental particles that make up atoms, along with electrons and neutrons. Protons are heavier than electrons, but they are much smaller. The mass of a proton is about 1/1836 that of a neutron. The diameter of a proton is about 10^-15 meters, which is about 10,000 times smaller than the diameter of an atom

Protons are relatively stable, but they can be converted into other particles through various interactions. For example, when protons collide with high-energy particles, they can be converted into neutrons or other particles. 

Proton therapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses protons to destroy cancer cells. This type of therapy is very precise and can minimize damage to healthy tissue. Proton therapy is still experimental, but it shows promise as a new treatment for cancer.

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The neutron is a subatomic particle that has no electric charge and a mass slightly greater than that of a proton. neutrons are one of the two components of an atom’s nucleus, the other being protons. they are found in all atoms except for hydrogen. neutrons are thought to play a role in binding the nucleus together. when they are not bound in an atomic nucleus, they are known as free neutrons. 

free neutrons are unstable and decay into protons, electrons, and gamma rays with a half-life of about 10 minutes. neutron capture is also used in neutron shielding and nuclear reactors. neutron capture occurs when a neutron collides with an atomic nucleus and is absorbed by it. the neutron then causes the nucleus to become unstable and break apart (fission). neutron beams are also used in neutron scattering experiments, which allow scientists to study the structure of materials at the atomic level.

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